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What is Regenerative Bio-Fertility?

During their life cycle, all living soil borne fungal and microorganisms experience a certain period of growth and then all of them complete their inevitable ‘end of life cycle’ and eventually die.  After death, the actual physical remains (organic residue) of the dead organisms continue to experience dynamic and intense transformations, ultimately resulting in minerialization (plant food). Biochemicals and thermodynamics are at the core of this regenerative, complex “Life and Death Cycling” process. The final result is a more extended natural menu that manifests itself in the form of complex polymers of carbohydrates, proteins, lignins, lipids, tannin, polyphenols and other organic compound segments.

Microbial residents find a source of energy and food value for their metabolic survival through the biochemical transformation of a large and diverse menu of “Carbonaceous Compounds”. This process is ‘humification’, where complex polymers found in dead, degraded plant tissues, with the help of enzymatic actions, are further disintegrated into  simpler, more fundamental compounds. This regenerative process of biochemical transformation releases a secondary sub-set of mineralized elements with additional nutrient value (plant food) that also includes captured atmospheric nitrogen.

Long term uninterrupted nutrient availability is achieved from this self sustaining “Life and Death Cycling” process. As a direct result of microbial Life Cycling, an organic bio-mass residue is created and is subsequently degraded thru additional intense transformation that ends with additional mineralization – and so the “Life Cycling” process repeats itself all over again, and again, and again, until such time organic food substrates are depleted. This pro-life support phenomenon, where “life itself ends in death and death leads to life” is inextricably linked to a carbon based bio-habitat located within the root rhizosphere and  surrounding soils. This complex cycling process, results in a natural ‘smorgasbord’ that Mother Nature ultimately provides as a menu to nourish all life that comes to her table.

The fertility of our soil is HEAVILY dependent on regenerative microbial cycling activity that is HEAVILY dependent on diverse Carbonaceous Substances. As important as carbon is to this process, optimized PLANT HEALTH is not sustainable without a healthy rhizosphere rich in ORGANIC FOOD SUBSTRATES, AMINO ACID, FULVIC ACID, BENEFICIAL FUNGI and other organic compound segments.

Sustainable bio-fertility is about invisible, subterrestrial symbiotic relationships that repopulate themselves by the billions of times each day. Fundamental to these regenerative relationships are players from three (3) primary elemental groups: Carbon (BioCHAR) Habitat – Microorganisms – Organic Feeder Substrates. BioPlex Organics Regenerative Bio-Fertility products are jam-packed with all three (3) fundamental elemental groups, all a prerequisite for regenerative biofertility. BioPlex carbon based products supply an ingredient delivery pathway to facilitate ecological relationships that sustain transformational biochemical processes required to achieve “Regenerative Bio-Fertile Soils!

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Larry J Hershberger | | Subject: Bio-Fertility
Sr. Research and Development Agronomist