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About Us

The Bridge Between Plant Health, Plant Survival and Transplant Success!

BioPlex® Plant Survival Solutions provide practical solutions to a wide variety of challenges facing today’s green industry professionals.

As a group, our products provide many diversified and beneficial uses and applications including:

At the heart of these powerful products is PROPRIETARY INNOVATION and GOOD SCIENCE that effectively harnesses naturally occurring organic compounds including cold processed seaweed extract, biologicals, enzymes, humic acids, plant vitamins, amino acids, poly-saccharides, nutrient chelators, root specific growth stimulants, natural organic nutrients, chelated iron & micronutrients.

BioPlex® Plant Survival Solutions have been proven to reduce stress, increase plant hydration, increase bio-fertility, improve root fibrosity, and promote a faster rate of plant establishment, maturity and root development, even under severe, adverse site and soil conditions.

BioPlex® Plant Survival Solutions products are largely natural and organic and therefore safe, effective, and environmentally friendly. The use of safe and organic products reduces overall costs, saves valuable time and labor, improves productivity, expands the transplant window and strengthens corporate reputations through greater transplant and project successes.

Simply by expanding the “transplant and digging” season alone, while significantly increasing transplant survival rates, our products help customers reduce costly warranty replacements, callbacks and payment delays. The net result is greater customer satisfaction and a greener corporate bottom line.

No matter where you are working—in the field, on a project site, at a nursery, arboretum, golf course, residential home, industrial complex, garden center or greenhouse— BioPlex® remains the leading brand and #1 choice for successful transplant outcome and better plant and soil health. You may find less expensive products in the market, but you won’t find better, more effective product solutions.

Our Commitment to the ENVIRONMENT

Since our beginning in 1987, BioPlex® Organics has enthusiastically embraced proven, natural organic and green management standards and practices. Since our research began 30 years ago and new products evolved over the years, a conscious eco-awareness has directed our focus. We always consider the impact our products may have on the fragile ecosystem. At BioPlex® Organics, proprietary product innovation and environmental sensitivity aren’t lofty goals and dreams. They are well-documented realities, clearly reflected in our products.

Our Dedication to Quality, Service and Customer Care

The BioPlex® management and technical staff learned long ago that there are no shortcuts in the pursuit of excellence and the sustainability of high quality control standards. Our corporate mission remains fully invested in the fundamentals that have guided us from the beginning – sourcing the best quality natural ingredients, adhering to good science and agronomics, knowledgeable customer service, same day shipping, and 24/7/364 on-call, live technical assistance. State-of-the-art agri-innovation, plus superior natural ingredients, combined with GOOD SCIENCE continues to serve as the foundation for producing the most effective, safest, and highest quality products.


With Bio-Plex® Plant Survival Solutions, “Going GREENER and Growing GREENER” no longer means having to settle for less! BioPlex® Plant Survival Solutions have proven invaluable to plant professionals around the world for more than 30 years now. When the value of your planting determines your reputation, as well as your bottom-line, BioPlex® delivers! We invite you to evaluate and critically consider our diverse line of eco-friendly turf and ornamental products. With our BioPlex® GREEN GUARANTEE, you can count on complete satisfaction, beginning with your first purchase and every future purchase. From our research scientists to our customer care associates, team BioPlex® welcomes the opportunity to earn your business today and for many years and projects to come.



Our technical staff looks forward to discussing your particular turf & ornamental problems, issues and questions. (800) 441-3573 | eMail @