Stress POWER +

Stopping plant stress and rehabilitating weakened or damaged turf or specimen ornamental plants pose unique challenges that require both a strategic and scientific understanding of the causal pathology that induces plant decline related to stress.

BioPlex Stress POWER +™ Plant & Soil Rehab Rx utilizes multiple plant pathways to stop and reverse plant decline induced by stress. (1) Biostimulation [seaweed, fulvic, amino L-18], (2) Bio-nutrient stimulation [N, P, K, micronutrients], (3) Soil amending [seaweed, fulvic acid, endo- and ectomycorrhizae], (4) Soil structure modification [wetting agent, alkyl block polymer], and (5) Bio-remediation [9 microbial and biological probiotics]. Its diverse formulation and ingredient menu, designed to induce specific, targeted, synergistic plant and root responses, makes application results both predictable and ultra-effective.

  • Maximize Plant Hydration
  • Non-Phytotoxic
  • Easy Mix & Clean-Up
  • Reduce Disease Potential


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BioPlex Stress POWER + measures successful ornamental
rehabilitation through “OPC” – optimal photosynthetic capacity. To successfully induce high levels of OPC, BioPlex’s proprietary ingredient acquisition and formulating technologies optimize three critical, limiting plant remediation fundamentals: BIO-NUTRITION, BIO-STIMULATION and BIO-REMEDIATION. Whether used on turf or ornamentals, BioPlex Stress POWER + has proven to be effective, predictable, dependable, safe and cost-effective! Use it successfully within the context of daily maintenance, curative and preventative maintenance (PM) protocols.

• Reduces stress caused by drought, transplanting, shipping, storage & other environmental site & soil extremes.
• Reduces plant mortality & plant decline in new or established plantings.
• Improves plant inventory health, hardiness & curb appeal.
• Reduces transportation stress by treating prior to shipping.
• Speeds stabilization when transplanting from containers, bedding plants, specimen caliper trees.
• To prolong watering intervals of vegetables, bedding & ornamental plants, turf grass & sod.

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