Product Type: Fertilizer, Biostimulant, Soil & Root Inoculant, Soil & Bio-Habitat Amendment
Special Feature(s): Homogeneous dry formulation – every particle contains 100% of the entire ingredient complex, when spread, the complete ingredient complex distributes evenly over the entire target area.
Homogenous Particle Size: MINI – 1.5 mm.
Contains: Composted Organic Fertilizer, Humates, BioCHAR (10%), AXIS® Diatomaceous Earth, Endo-EctoMycorrhiza, PGIR (Plant Growth Inducing Rhizobacteria), L-Amio Acid, Seaweed Extract, Fish Emulsion.
Ice-Melter Neutralization Capability: NO
NPK Organic Nutrient’s: Homogeneous formulation – N (10) P (3) K (5) BioHabitat Structure Content: BioCHAR 10% by Wt. | AXIS® Diatomaceous Earth 0% by Wt.
Package Size: 20 lb Bag, 2×20 lb Bags/ Case

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BioPlex Ultimate PLANT MAINTENANCE Granules™ have been engineered to effectively support the sustainability of the “Plant / Soil / Biological Pyramidal Matrix” – the foundation of all dynamic and sustainable ecosystems. Plants require healthy soil in order to grow and successfully survive in landscape outplantings. A variety of soil factors are known to increase nutrient availability and greatly influence long-term plant health and vigor. The most influential might be the organisms comprising the soil microbial community of the rhizosphere, which is the soil surrounding the roots of plants where complex interactions occur between the roots, soil, and microorganisms. Root exudates act as substrates and
signaling molecules for microbes creating a complex and interwoven relationship between plants and the microbiome. Each microorganism functions in coordination with the overall soil microbiome to influence plant health.

To a large part, current turf and ornamental management strategies are mainly dependent on inorganic chemical-based fertilizers, which over time have caused a serious threat to human health and environment. The exploitation of beneficial microbes as a bio-fertilizer has become of paramount importance for their potential role in low-input sustainable bio-fertility. The eco-friendly approaches inspire a wide range of application of plant growth inducing rhizobacteria (PGIR), endo and ectomycorrhizal fungi, cyanobacteria and many other useful microscopic organisms that have shown to improve nutrient uptake, plant growth and plant tolerance to abiotic and biotic stress.

BioPlex Ultimate PLANT MAINTENANCE Granules™ does not assert to have all the answers relative to effective, sustainable bio-fertility. Sustainable bio-fertility research is ongoing and we monitor these worldwide results in order to employ the most relative research findings into the development of our new products. BioPlex Ultimate PLANT MAINTENANCE Granules™ were designed and formulated specifically to introduce more sustainable, bio-fertility agronomics in an effort to optimize health and vigor to turf grasses and outplanted ornamentals. After carefully examining the label ingredient list, we hope you will agree that BioPlex Ultimate PLANT MAINTENANCE Granules™ supplies a comprehensive 360° degree approach to effectively support the sustainability of the “Plant / Soil / Biological Pyramidal Matrix”.

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