808 Green-POWER +

BioPlex 808 Green POWER + is like no other competitive T/O carb content and booster fertilizer. It can be used as a supplement or a stand-alone application for lawn-care maintenance. Slow Release and delivers the complete nutritional needs of TURF & ORNAMENTAL plants.

Special Features: Provides quick Green-Up Response in Turf Grass, Increased Stress Tolerance, Carbohydrate Input, Carb Stimulant, Decrease Thatch, Increased Insect-Disease Tolerance, Increases Air-Water Infiltration, Bio-stimulant, Slow Release Non-Phytotoxic, Bio-Blend Complex, Probiotic.

Contains: Contains 8% Nitrogen and 8% Soluble Potash (8-0-8), Micro-Nutrient Complex, Cold Processed Seaweed, 18 L-Amino Acids and an Organic Wetting Agent.

Package Size: 1 Gallon Case (4X1 Gallon/Cs.), 2X2 Gallon Case, 6 Gallon Mini-Dm.

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Great Green-Up, Carb Booster, Manages & Prevents Seasonal STRESS SYMPTOMS!

Thru balanced formulation chemistry, BioPlex 808 Green POWER + predictably boosts plant photosynthetic capacity and chlorophyll synthesis. Supplies critical cellular protein building blocks to help to repair and regenerate plant tissues and root structures damaged by general environmentally induced stress. Use it effectively in professional turf management in either a maintenance or supplemental application to help prevent or reduce common turf damage most often associated with environmental extremes. Biostimulant responses fuel the natural repair of turf grass roots subjected to high heat and drought, extreme cold, excess moisture, pathogen stress, insect damage, construction damage and compaction that cause the ugly, visible symptoms of decline in plants. BioPlex 808 Green POWER + offers important agronomic benefits including but NOT limited to: elevated chlorophyll synthesis, photosynthesis, increased carbohydrate levels, increased cell wall turgor and permeability, superior uptake of macro and micronutrients, superior color response, increased microbial activity and thatch reduction. Use this product effectively as a stand alone application or supplement to an existing fertility program. Reduced rates may apply as a fertilizer supplement.

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