Jump Start 8-0-8

BioPlex Jump STARTâ„¢ 8-0-8 is like no other competitive T/O carb booster fertilizer supplement. It predictably boosts plant photosynthetic capacity and chlorophyll synthesis. It also supplies critical cellular protein building blocks to help regenerate plant tissues and root structures damaged by general environmentally induced stress.

Use it effectively in professional turf management in either a maintenance or curative protocol to help prevent or offset common damage most often associated with environmental extremes. It helps minimize the adverse effects of high heat and drought, extreme cold, excess moisture, pathogen stress, insect damage, construction damage, excessive use and compaction that cause symptoms of decline in plants.

  • Slow Release
  • Non-Burning
  • Bio-Blend Complex
  • Probiotic
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Reference the Ingredient Profile & Typical Benefits information below to quantify how well JUMP START is matched to help mitigate the turf grass issues you are experiencing.

BioPlex Jump START 8-0-8 offers important agronomic benefits including but NOT limited to: elevated chlorophyll synthesis, photosynthesis, increased carbohydrate levels, increased cell wall turgor and permeability, superior uptake of macro- and micronutrients, superior color response, increased microbial activity and thatch reduction. All are tangible results when used as a supplement to a balanced soil test supported fertility program.

Fertile Facts:

  • N per Gallon = 0.82 lbs, Wt. per Gallon = 10.3 lbs, pH = 6.7.
  • Contains L-Aminos for stress resistance and fibrous root mass recovery.
  • Contains key micronutrients to improve nutrient mobility and utilization.
  • Systemic energy increases chlorophyll production and carbohydrate levels.
  • Increases in micronutrient uptake increases plant color response.
  • Molasses carbon-sugars energizes plants, roots and soil microbes.
  • Increased microbial activity that degrades thatch.
  • Jump Start helps offset the effects of sub-optimal temperatures of other stress.
  • Signals induced systemic disease suppression with greater biological diversity and activity.

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