Easy Spread Basic BioCHAR (88% Carbon)

Product Type:    General Soil, Potting Soil, Landscape Bed Soil Amendment, Bio-Habitat Soil and Root Zone Supplement/Amendment

Special Features: Homogenous Dry Formulation-every particle contains 100% of the entire ingredient complex, when spread, the complete ingredient complex distributes evenly over the entire target area

Homogeneous Particle Size: 1 MM Greens Grade Particle

Contains: BioCHAR (73%), Aerobically Cured Compost (25%), Seaweed Extract

Ice-Melter Neutralization Capability:  YES

NPK Organic Nutrient’s: No

Bio-Habitat Structure Content: BioCHAR 73%

Package Size: 40lb. box

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BioPlex Easy Spread BASIC BioCHAR (73% BioCHAR + 2% Seaweed + 25% Compost) contains high levels of CARBON and Oxygen, arguably the most valuable of all soil conditioners. BioCHAR is a most valuable and versatile organic soil conditioner and plays a fundamental supporting role in the neutralization of soluble salts and pesticide residues. It is remarkably stable and very porous, it provides a sustainable foundation for bio-habitats and persists a long time in the soil resulting in increased hydration and adsorption capacity in amended soils. BioPlex Easy Spread BASIC BioCHAR fills a unique role in porous soil matrix (bio-habitat) by facilitating the long-term retention of moisture, nutrients and Plant-Growth-Inducing-Rhizobacteria (PGIR’s) – all required and necessary to sustain optimal plant and soil health as well as neutralizing existing or future soluble salt residues as a result of over application of fertilizers and/or ice-melters utilized anually in both commercial and residential landscape settings.

The general advice in the biochar community is that sustainable healthy, pro-biotic soil habitat will contain 10% BioChar by volume. Use BioPlex Easy Spread BASIC BioCHAR in the general planting area surrounding root zone area and down below the roots of your vegetables, flowers, grass, trees or shrubs. Your ultimate 10% target doesn’t all have to incorporate into the soil all at once. When you add BioPlex Easy Spread BASIC BioCHAR to an area and mix it into the soil, it isn’t going away any time soon. Those subsequent  modifications to the root zone will continue to persist for many years to come. You can quantify your ultimate 10% by volume target by aggregating cumulative application volumes over two or more seasons.

Whether your primary objectives are related to nursery or greenhouse growing, turf maintenance, ornamental maintenance/installations, or sports turf, soils amended with BioPlex Easy Spread BASIC BioCHAR outperform standard unamended soils in every area of critical review for may years to come.

Sustain your “peace of mind” that your turf and ornamentals have a balanced physical bio-habitat necessary for optimized plant and soil health for many, many years to come.

APPLICATION USE: Soil Amendment for Turf-Ornamentals-Container-Bedding Plants  FORMULATION TYPE: Homogenous 1 mm Greens Grade Particle  CONTAINS BioCHAR: Yes – 73%  PRIMARY USE: Amend GC Greens & Tees, Potting Soil, Clay Soils, Ornamental Installations, Landscape Beds  CONTAINS NPK: No  PRIMARY T/O BENEFITS: Build BIO Habitat, Help Retain Moisture, Reduce Water Usage, More Efficient Nutrient Mobilization and Utilization, Increase Air & Water Infiltration (Porosity), Increases Hydration Capacity, Re-structures Clay Soils.

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