BioCHAR Bio’s + PGIR™

Product Type: Biostimulant, Soil & Root Inoculant, Soil & Bio-Habitat Amendment
Special Feature(s): Homogeneous dry formulation – every particle contains 100% of the entire ingredient complex, when spread, the complete ingredient complex distributes evenly over the entire target area.
Homogenous Particle Size: FINE – 1.0 mm.
Contains: BioCHAR (40%), Endo-EctoMycorrhiza, PGIR (Plant Growth Inducing Rhizobacteria), Seaweed Extract
Ice-Melter Neutralization Capability: YES
NPK Organic Nutrient’s: Homogeneous formulation – N (0) P (0) K (0) BioHabitat Structure Content: BioCHAR 40% by Wt. | AXIS® Diatomaceous Earth 5% by Wt.
Package Size: 20 lb Bag, 2×20 lb Bags/ Case

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BioPlex BioCHAR Bio’s PLUS PGIR™ contains high levels of CARBON and Oxygen – arguably one of the most valuable organic soil conditioners. Ornamentals, in order to grow and survive in diverse landscape outplantings, require living healthy soil that is built upon a sustainable bio-habitat within the root rhizosphere. All healthy soils are supported by a vast world of microbes and beneficial fungi: bacteria and fungi that live in or around the  plant system. Microbes and fungi support plant health by increasing the availability of  nutrients, and to do so on a sustainable basis, require an aerobic, microporous, bio-habitat environment. At the basic foundation of the porous bio-habitat is the Axis® Diatoms and  the BioChar physical properties contained exclusively in BioPlex BioCHAR Bio’s PLUS PGIR. Being inherently stable and very porous, it persists a longtime in the soil and therefor  increases plant hydration and adsorption capacity to keep plant vegetation and root  structures hydrated through periods of extreme heat and drought. In addition, with an 80% plus CARBON footprint, it neutralizes excessive soluble salt residues whether from  fertilizers, the environment or ice-melters.

BioPlex BioCHAR Bio’s PLUS PGIR fills a unique role in facilitating the long-term retention  of moisture and nutrients necessary to help the critical bio-ecosystem thrive within the root rhizosphere of both TURFGRASSES and ORNAMENTALS. A sustainable bio-ecosystem is a fundamental, agronomic prerequisite required to maintain optimal plant and soil health throughout the uncertain and changing environmental conditions that greenhouse, nursery and outplanted ornamentals are routinely required to endure.

Sustainable Plant Health and Vigor begins with BioPlex BioCHAR Bio’s PLUS PGIR.

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