All Ocean 3-3-2 Fertilizer + L-Amino 18

BioPlex ALL OCEAN™ 3-3-2 is a nutrient rich ALL NATURAL ORGANIC combination of all essential primary and secondary nutrients, multiple trace minerals, plant hormones, enzymes plus 18 important L-Amino acids. It is a 100% soluble, homogeneous, fully stabilized, odorless liquid concentrate. When compared to non-organic chemical fertilizers, it provides increased plant response with noticeable improvements in plant color and fibrous root mass which leads to elevated health & vigor. 100% natural organic and environmentally friendly, it will NOT burn or damage vegetative plant and root structures (of turf grass, ornamentals and bedding plants) no matter the season in which you use it.

  • Slow Release
  • SAFE, Non-burning
  • Root Stimulant
  • Foliar Spray or Root Drench Feed
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PURE AND SIMPLE, GREAT FERTILIZERS ARE GREAT BECAUSE OF THE QUALITY OF THEIR INDIVIDUAL INGREDIENTS: Great fertilizers are individually judged and preferred based on a wide variety of product attributes; not the least of which are the ingredient components. BioPlex ALL OCEAN 3-3-2 is very special and unique from the ingredient perspective. Cold processed seaweed liquid extract is a natural product derived from hand-harvested ascophyllum nodosum seaweed from Norway and Ireland. Processed via a cold extraction process, it ensures the preservation of high levels of cytokinins, auxins and other naturally occurring growth stimulants, hormones, vitamins, amino acids, cytoplasm and macroand micronutrients. Formulated with hydrolyzed fish, it’s very safe, versatile and efficiently translocated in all turf and ornamental plants. Due to natural slow-release and non-phytotoxic properties, you can effectively use it in vegetable crops, field crops, trees, vines, fairways, greens, lawns, gardens, landscaping, nurseries and greenhouses. With an additional L-Amino 18 complex, it helps prevent nutrient loss through its chelating effect. Amino L-18 ensures more optimal stress tolerance, providing important proteins for photosynthesis, and it’s an important precursor in the production of phytohormones, which play an important role in the metabolism of many minerals and trace elements. BioPlex ALL OCEAN 3-3-2 is versatile, inexpensive, safe, effective, probiotic and eco-friendly.

  • N per Gallon = 0.285 lbs, Wt. per Gallon = 9.5 lbs, pH = 4.5
  • Biostimulant response reduces environmentally induced Summer stress symptoms.
  • Elevated photosynthesis threshold increases health and vigor.
  • Natural plant extracts combine with L-Amino acids resulting with optimal cell nutrition.
  • Contains L-Aminos for stress resistance and fibrous root mass.
  • Speeds seed germination and seedling establishment and sod establishment.
  • Increases microbial activity to sustain healthy rhizaphere and degrade thatch.
  • Helps offset the effects of sub-optimal temperatures of other stress.
  • Excellent to rehab root dieback or decline.

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