Foliar Fusion Bio’s, Sprayable T/O 5-15-10 + Bio’s

Product type: Bio-Fertilizer nutrient supplement 

Special Feature(s): Homogeneous dry water soluble formulation

Contains: Beneficial microbes and Nutrients derived from sea plants

Ice-Melt Neutralization capability: No

NPK Organic Nutrient’s: Homogeneous formulation – N (5) P(15) K (10) 

BioHabitat Structure Content: No 

Package size: ½ lb. Packet (3 Acres Turf)

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BioPlex Foliar FUSION Bio’s™, a foliar fertilizer spray (5-15-10) is a scientifically formulated combination of beneficial plant growth enhancing microbes (PGEs) and specific plant nutrients for orchards, vegetable crops, ornamentals, turf grass, and more. Soil fertility often cannot be amended in time to make effective corrections during one short season. But plants are able to absorb nutrients through the surface cells and stomata of their  foliage, and foliar feeding is a fast and effective way to correct nutrient deficiencies, or supplement any nutrient program. BioPlex Foliar FUSION Bio’s™ can be used several times throughout the growing season for additional nutritional support of the crop. Used as a foliar, the microbial additions to the foliage increases atmospheric nitrogen and phosphorus absorption rates of the plant leaves, thus reducing the amount of supplemental nutrients needed.

BioPlex Foliar FUSION Bio’s™ is a dry soluble, foliar nutrient supplement designed to help deliver optimal plant health when it is NOT a hope or wish, but a necessary expectation. • Contains beneficial microbes and nutrients derived from sea plants. • COMPATIBLE and EFFECTIVE with most pesticides and fertilizer tank-mix combinations. • Quick, efficient and direct delivery of nutrients to plants. • Best results if applied with10-20 gallons of water per acre depending on foliage density, wetting all vegetation with a fine mist. • With agitation or recirculation, you may tank-mix soluble  powder directly in the spray tank. • Without agitation or recirculation, pre-mix soluble powder in a clean bucket before adding to spray tank. • Safe and effective applied to both turf and ornamental plants in both curative and maintenance protocols.

BioPlex Foliar FUSION Bio’s™ is Pesticide & Fertilizer tank-mix compatible.

APPLICATION USE: Cool & Warm Season Turf Grasses FORMULATION: Sprayable, Dry Water Soluble CONTAINS BioCHAR: No PRIMARY USE: Turf & Ornamental Spray Companion. Compatible with Most Fertilizer and Pesticide Tank-Mix Combinations CONTAINS NPK: 5-15-10 PRIMARY T/O BENEFITS: Contains Beneficial Microbes and Plant Nutrients from Sea Plants. Use When Plant Health is NOT an OPTION.

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