CFU DIGESTER, Sprayable T/O Bio’s + BioCHAR

Product type: Organic Digester for All Turf Grasses and Compost Piles, Soil and Root Inoculant

Special Feature(s): Homogeneous dry water soluble formulation

Homogeneous Particle Size:

Contains: BioCHAR (5%), Soluble Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed (2%), Microbial Support Ingredients

Ice-Melter Neutralization Capability: Yes

NPK Organic Nutrient’s: No

BioHabitat Structure Content: BioCHAR 5%

Package Size: 1 LB

    1 lb.
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BioPlex CFU Digester™ is a task-targeted and bio-diversified collection of specialized microbes and enzymes synergized as a group to aggressively digest and reduce thatch, soluble salt (Including Ice-Melter Residues in Landscape) and pesticide residues contained in both turf and ornamental growing environments. Over-diversification of microbial populations effectively provides the added measure of dependable product support necessary to “out-digest” competitive bio-remediation products. When applied according to label protocols, beneficial soil microorganisms will begin to colonize and establish significant threshold population densities within 21 to 40 days – thatch decomposition begins in approximately 3 weeks. The digested thatch, through natural nutrient cycles, is subsequently transformed into mobilized nutrients, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, iron and more.

Optimizing PLANT HEALTH in turf and ornamentals requires seriously strategizing new ways to solve old problems. Natural bio-equilibrium and diversity can be achieved without negatively affecting the natural beauty or playability of the growing environment. Strategically working within the boundaries of the ecosystem no longer means having to settle for LESS!

APPLICATION USE: Cool & Warm Season Turf Grasses FORMULATION: Sprayable, Dry Water Soluble CONTAINS BioCHAR: Yes PRIMARY USE: Organic Bio-Digester CONTAINS NPK: No PRIMARY T/O BENEFITS: Decreases Thatch, Nutralize Soluble Salts from Fertilizers, Nutralize Pesticide Residues in Turf, Decrease Black Layer Symptoms Associated with GC Greens & Tees.

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