1-2-3 Bareroot Gel Plus Soil & Root Inoculant

BioPlex 1-2-3 Bareroot GEL’s™ powerful “1-2-3” strategic ingredient combination gives you extraordinarily successful bareroot planting outcomes. Three key ingredients deliver more than nine critical successful transplant results.

1 Product with 3 Ingredients = 9 Beneficial Agronomic Transplant Benefits!

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Ingredient #1: BioPlex Transplant Concentrate & Plant Enhancer stimulates two primary plant responses that are critical to successful transplants. It promotes superior moisture retention in plant tissues. It also facilitates a more fibrous root system and greater caliper development in the first year.

Ingredient #2: BioPlex (All Purpose) Granular Endo-EctoMycorrhizal Soil & Root
Inoculants ensures long-term stress and moisture management, bringing many life-long plant enhancements. It results in more fibrous root hydration. It also increases moisture and nutrient translocation and reduces stress symptoms.

Ingredient #3: BioPlex Advanced Polymer GEL Crystals ensures additional hydration capacity is available to the root system for approximately 3-5 years. Its primary benefits include:

  • Reduced plant decline and dehydration symptoms
  • Decreased watering frequency.
  • Reduced hydration-dehydration stress cycles.
  • Speedier plant establishment and more first year growth.

With BioPlex 1-2-3 Bareroot GEL, you can expect the following advantages, as well:

• Stress reduction and drought tolerance.
• More aggressive rooting and rapid establishment.
• Superior plant hydration and caliper development.
• Healthier, hardier plants with maximum PSP (Plant Survival Potential).
• Superior bareroot transplant survival, which starts before the plants are placed into the soil!
A one-step dip works great with all your liners, transplants, plugs and container outplantings.

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