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WHAT is BioPRILL Homogeneous Technology?

BioPlex Organics has pioneered new, easy spread, homogeneous BioPrill particle fusion technology that is currently utilized to formulate our new LifeCycles BioCHAR and Earth-SOURCE Regenerative Bio-Fertility products. This new BioPrill formulation technology employs proprietary particle engineering protocols and techniques that guarantees “complete 100% ingredient” distribution and coverage. In addition, product manufacturing takes place within a controlled heat tolerant range that is necessary to ensure the optimum viability of beneficial fungal and microorganism ingredient components. Why is BioPrill homogenization important? It means that EVERY particle contains 100% of the TOTAL entire ingredient composition. Unlike standard dry-mix blending technology, BioPrill homogenization technology also ensures 100% ingredient area coverage and distribution. The net formulation result is an exceptionally clean, flowable, homogeneous, (biologically  pre-inoculated, pre-charged) end-product, sized at (1-1.5 mm) – a particle size ideal for golf course greens, tees and fairways, landscape contractors, nurseries, professional applicators, cannabis growers, arborists, soil formulators and many other additional uses for ‘green industry’ professionals.

In order to replicate fertile “black earth” Amazon basin type soils, key ingredient groups first needed to be identified and sourced. This strategic group of ingredients includes but is not limited to: LifeCycle BioCHAR™ (88% Carbon), Axis™ Diatomaceous Earth, compost, seaweed, humic and fulvic acid, fish emulsion, 50 microorganisms, endo-ectomycorrhiza fungi, primary and micro-nutrients, molasses, wetting agent, silica, green sand, maldextrin, grain meals and more.

New, easy spread biochar and bio-fertility products will be marketed under BioPlex Organics EarthSOURCE Regenerative Bio-Fertility brand. Our new EarthSOURCE products are designed to be easily delivered through all conventional cyclone spreaders, Z spreaders and even drop spreaders. Depending on your soils, applications can be either surface applied or sub-surface incorporated to include common top-dressing practices and protocols utilized in golf course, lawn care and sports turf maintenance.

No matter what “Green Industry” demographic you represent, optimal soil health is a vital prerequisite for achieving and maintaining optimal plant health. EarthSOURCE products are perfect for those professionals who desire a safe, natural, eco-friendly way to achieve soil borne regenerative bio-fertility. Compact, clay or depleted soil issues frequently associated with turf and ornamental professionals should all prove to be natural candidates for the consideration and use of EarthSOURCE Regenerative Bio-Fertility products.

Quality, Trust and Confidence. After 35 years, you can have the confidence and trust that BioPlex Organics EarthSOURCE Regenerative Bio-Fertility products contain the critical, high quality ingredients, technology and in-house technical support necessary to ensure your success in transforming your soils to support regenerative bio-fertility.

Please feel free to send questions and comments to:
Larry J Hershberger | bioplex@earthlink.net | Subject: Bio-Fertility
Sr. Research and Development Agronomist