Wilt-Stopper Foliage Film

Product Type: Vapor Sealer – Biostimulant – Anti-Transpirant – Extender
Special Feature(s): Multi-Dimensional Plant Hydration 100% Natural Organic
Contains: Chitosan
Ice-Melt Neutralization Capability: No
NPK Organic Nutrient’s: No
BioHabitat Structure Content: No

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BioPlex WILT-STOPPER Foliage Film is formulated from chitosan and is a natural plant elicitor because the exoskeletons of all insects are made of the same thing (chitin). When chitosan comes in contact with plants vegetation, it “signals” the plants into thinking they are being infested and the plant’s natural immune response is stimulated and set in motion in order to survive. For many types of plants, this stimulating or eliciting of your plant’s immune response can increase the concentration and production of sap, resin, essential oils, fruit, and even the plant’s overall size. Its’ physical film forming anti-desiccant shield properties when solubilized in water, increases your plant’s hydration capacity by a physical barrier covering the ‘stomata’ found within the plant vegetative surfaces. It can even help in the recovery of stress-shocked transplanted ornamentals and food crops. In solution, chitosan can be applied as a soil amendment, foliar anti-desiccant spray, foliar m protection barrier, hydroponic amendment, or pesticide sticker extender. Chitosan not only provides an antimicrobial film that curtails mold and fungal growth, it causes a reaction that also improves the immune system sensitivity of plants to many common pathogens. The similarity of chitosan to natural plant sugars encourages a natural bioactive effect that takes place on the molecular level. When applied in soil or any growing media, it has been shown that chitosan is able to stimulate beneficial microorganisms while inhibiting pathogens [5]. When applied as a foliar spray, plant involuntary transpiration is reduced by stomata closure while also providing a vector barrier against mold, bacteria, and viruses. In growing trials, it has been shown that “spraying tomato plants with chitosan increased all vegetative growth parameters expressed in plant height, number of branches, and number of leaves per plant.” [6]

BioPlex WILT-STOPPER Foliage Film is a natural biomolecule which improves plant health, reduces need for synthetic pesticides and reduces transpiration (increases cellular hydration capacity) without reducing plant function or physical appearance.

[5] Barka, E. Ait, et al. “Chitosan improves development, and protects Vitis vinifera L. against Botrytis cinerea.” Plant Cell Reports 22.8 (2004): 608-614.[6] E.M. El-Tantawy, et al. “Behavior of Tomato Plants as Affected by Spraying with Chitosan and Aminofort as Natural Stimulator Substances under Application of Soil Organic Amendments.” SciAlert

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