Root Res-Q POWER +

BioPlex Root Res-Q POWER + is formulated for use as a calcium nutrient supplement and/or a soil and root wash or flush. As calcium plays a critical role in plant-root and soil health, you should never underestimate its importance. Containerized plant materials subject to intense fertilization and frequent watering often experience degradation of their root zone chemistries, resulting in limited calcium availability and uptake. Similarly, intense maintenance practices, like those required in golf course turf management, inherently involve frequent moisture and nutrient inputs; depending on soil health and soil infiltration metrics, optimal root zone environments can quickly degrade. Plant stress resulting from a degraded root zone critically restricts Calcium uptake. Unfortunately, all too often plant decline issues are incorrectly attributed to other unrelated causes and are left unattended to.

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With BioPlex Root Res-Q POWER +, you can remediate the debilitating side effects of frequent inputs of water (high moisture) and fertilizers (high soluble salt and chlorides) and restore a more optimal root zone environment.

A Healthy Root Zone – Critical to PLANT HEALTH & VIGOR

First Product Objective: “ResQ-Rescue”. BioPlex Root Res-Q POWER + first goal is to remove accumulated build-up of residual fertilizer and pesticide contaminants from the root zone or root system. It accomplishes this by flushing, neutralizing and eliminating problematic residues from soluble salts, nutrients and pesticides that have built up in the root zone from past fertilization and maintenance practices. The root wash induces hydrophobic coatings within soil structures, effectively reducing water infiltration repellency. Significantly improved water infiltration dynamics physically flushbound and unbound molecular contaminants while naturally neutralizing and detoxifying the root zone.

Second Product Objective : BioPlex Root Res-Q POWER + second goal is to rehabilitate root zone and rhizosphere growth points in turf and ornamental outplantings and/or sub-optimal soil substrates commonly found in greenhouse container production.

This involves restoring the calcium that’s so vital to the growth of turf and ornamental plants. Calcium ions function as a mechanism of transport that carries ions across cell membranes and into the plants vascular system, affecting nutrient uptake and mobilization. Calcium is unique in that it plays a multifaceted role in the renewal of the root zone. Calcium is also critical for protein synthesis and carbohydrate transfer, as well as cell mitosis, division and elongation. Relative to plant growth and development, calcium plays an even more important role in cellular integrity and cell wall permeability. Without these essential cellular level plant benefits, healthy growth and efficient plant and root development are virtually impossible. The bottom line, you don’t have to look too long or hard to understand the importance of calcium to plant health and vigor throughout all growth and maturity stages.

Some typical plant symptoms that might indicate a calcium deficiency include: lack of plant vigor, stems lacking turgor or rigidity, turf not mowing cleanly and plants failing to demonstrate timely developmental growth, flower, bloom or bud characteristics. You’ll benefit from the restorative advantages of BioPlex Root Res-Q POWER + anywhere your maintenance protocols require concentrated nutrient loads in combination with frequent watering.

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