ROOT to SHOOT BUD to BLOOM 10-20-30+Micro’s

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BioPlex Bud-to-Bloom (10-20-30) 3 lb and 25 lb premium water soluble fertilizer produces remarkable results because nutrients are released quickly, yet residuals continue to feed for several months. It is formulated to provide optimum levels of primary essential plant nutrients and micronutrients required to boost yields and encourage strong, long flower stems as well as large, beautiful ‘buds and blooms’.

• Perfect for a variety of indoor and outdoor plant feeding applications
• Ideal for containers, window boxes, annuals, perennials, outdoor beds and gardens
• Starts to work instantly for quick and spectacular results
• Start feeding plants weekly and then every 7 – 10 days before and during bud set and bloom
• High phosphorus and potassium for abundant color and bloom yield
• Promotes more blooms for greater color!

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