BioPlex Turf POWER+ is a new generation plant nutrient FERTILIZER fueled by new, BioPlex proprietary carbohydrate-alcohol-polysaccharide formulation technology.

Product Type: 100% Natural Organic Liquid 0-2-5, No-Nitrogen Carbohydrate-Polysaccharide-Sugar Alcohol base slow release fertilizer and bio-feeder substrate. Delivers complete nutritional needs of the plant-soil-root when used in an annual turf maintenance program.

Special Features: Provides for Quick Green-Up Response, Increase Health-Vigor-Roots, Prevents Plant Stress, Decreases Plant Stress Symptoms, Increases Nutrient Mobility, Increases Chlorophyll Production, Increases Photosynthetic Capacity, Increases Plant Hydration, Carbohydrate Input, Increase Oxygen Uptake, Carb Stimulant, Decrease Thatch, Decreased Insect-Disease Call Backs, Increases Air-Water Infiltration, Bio-stimulant, Slow Release, Non-Phytotoxic.

Contains: Soluble Phosphate and Potash (0-2-5), Cold Processed Seaweed, Sugar Alcohols, Polysaccharides and an Organic Wetting Agent.

Package Size: 1 Gallon Case (4X1 Gallon/Cs.), 2X2 Gallon Case, 6 Gallon Mini-Dm.

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Built on New No-Nitrogen – Polysaccharide, Alcohol and Carbohydrate Fertilizer Technology!

 Polysaccharides are known to be long chains of linked sugar molecules and function to provide energy and structure to plants. Professionals do not dispute the important role sugars play in optimizing microbial populations and elevating threshold levels of stored energy resources (carbohydrates or ³carbs²) in plants. Specifically, those very carbohydrates can make a critical performance difference in turf grass color, health and vigor (photosynthetic capacity) in highly managed, stress intensive growing conditions like those you might find in GC turf, professional lawn care, and sports turf. University studies have long since established that polysaccharides have the ability to move effortlessly from the soil into and within plant tissues. The xylem delivers nutrients to root structures, and phloem vascular structures facilitate the intake and translocation of foliar applications to BOTH vegetative and root associated structures. BioPlex Turf POWER+ is well-suited for the maximization of turf grass performance during periods going into or coming out of dormancy. Spring and Summer applications are effective in reducing turf thinning and root decline under periods of harsh, extreme environmental stress. This product can be used as needed or as a stand-alone application in annual turf grass maintenance programs. BioPlex Turf POWER + can be tank mixed in the Spring with BioPlex 808 POWER+, BioPlex Fertile FUSION 12-4-6, or in the Fall with BioPlex Kick STARTER 5-10-5 when your primary objectives are stimulating more fibrous root structures to produce a denser turf grass stand.

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