Poly Carb Catalyst

BioPlex POLY CARB CATALYST™ is a new generation plant nutrient supplement and carbohydrate catalyst derived from a polysaccharide and sugar alcohol base formulation. Polysaccharides are known to be long chains of linked sugar molecules and function to provide energy and structure to plants. Professionals do not dispute the important role sugars play in optimizing microbial populations and elevating threshold levels of stored energy resources (carbohydrates or “carbs”) in plants. Specifically, those very carbohydrates can make a critical performance difference in plant health and vigor (photosynthetic capacity) in highly managed, stress intensive growing circumstances, like those you might find in GC turf, sports turf and commercial growing of medical cannabis.

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Unfortunately, sugars in real turf and ornamental maintenance situations are VERY short lived in soils. To combat that challenge, the new BioPlex proprietary technology provides an extended window of opportunity for delivering the many plant benefits sugars provide.

University studies have long since established that polysaccharides have the ability to move effortlessly within plant tissues. They are made of the same biochemistry that composes cell walls and starches, which provide energy to the plant. BioPlex POLY CARB CATALYST has the biochemical compatibility necessary to translocate nutrient ions via both xylem and phloem plant structures. The xylem delivers nutrients to root structures, and phloem vascular structures facilitate the intake and translocation of foliar applications to plant-associated vegetative structures.

BioPlex POLY CARB CATALYST is well-suited for the maximization of plant development during periods going into or coming out of dormancy. Also effective in minimizing turf thinning and decline under periods of extreme environmental stress. This product can be used as needed or as a staple in year-round maintenance programs. BioPlex POLY CARB CATALYST can be tank mixed in the spring with BioPlex Fertile FUSION 12-4-6 or in the fall with BioPlex Kick STARTER 5-10-5 when your primary objectives are advancing more fibrous root structures, turf renovations, or establishment of newly sewn seedlings.

No matter if you apply BioPlex POLY CARB CATALYST in a tank mix combination with most pesticides or apply it as a stand-alone product to reduce and/or overcome plant limitations in times of active environmental stress. Heat, cold, drought, compaction, disease, etc. With it, you can ensure the efficient delivery of enzymes, amino acids, polysaccharides, macro and micronutrients (necessary for the synthesis and storage of carbs) to the critical growth points of the plant.

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