Fulvic POWER+

Liquid bio-active humic and fulvic acid concentrate – soil and root inoculant – biostimulant – bio–feeder – carbohydrate – nutritional supplement – soil amendment.

Product Type: 100% Natural Organic Liquid bio-active humic and fulvic acid concentrate – soil and root inoculant – bio-stimulant – bio–feeder – carbohydrate – nutritional supplement – as a soil amendment Increases Water Holding Capacity in Soils.

Special Features: Elevates Plant Function, Improves Nutrient Mobility and Uptake, Natural Wetting Agent Improves Air and Water Infiltration. Contains natural Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial Properties. Contains Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria – Thatch (Cellulose) Digesting Bacterium – Plant Growth Inducing Bacterium – Natural Chelated Micronutrients – and Phyto-chemicals to Help Build Fibrous Root Mass. Also Increases Auxin, Cytokinin, Gibberellin Activity – Oxygen Uptake – Chlorophyll Synthesis and MORE.

Contains: Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, 18 Amino Acid Complex, Nitrogen Fixing Bacterium, Thatch (Cellulose) Digesting Bacterium, Plant Growth Inducing Bacterium, Vitamin B Complex, Carbon, Dextrose plus 12 Organic Acids and Yucca Natural Organic Wetting Agent.

Package Size: 1 Gallon Case (4X1 Gallon/Cs.), 2X2 Gallon Case, 6 Gallon Mini-Dm.

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The humates used in BioPlex Fulvic POWER+ are sourced from humic-rich, isolated prehistoric deposits over 30 million years old. A proprietary chemical free extraction process is utilized to ensure predictable product release and viability characteristics all the way from our labs to your tank-mix. The ingredient index list includes nitrogen fixing rhizobacteria, digesting bacteria, plant growth bacteria, carbon, minerals, dextrose, amino acids, humic and fulvic acid, phytochemicals, organic acids, wetting agent and vitamin B-Complex.

Our unique, bio-active fulvic and humic acids are naturally “power packed” with 70 trace minerals and elements, macro minerals, 13 carboxylic acids, 18 amino acids, 22 Terpenoids/Flavonoids and 38 antioxidants. In addition, there are 13 Phytochemicals critical to plant defense, enhanced immune response and metabolic stimulation. Our nutrient density (20-30X) easily surpasses that of other competitive fulvic acid products. Because of our product concentration density, our low, cost effective application rates range from 1 pint to 2 quarts per acre per application.

BioPlex Fulvic POWER+ is quite different than most fulvic acid products. First, our molecular size is readily absorbed into root hairs by cation exchange, difussion and active mobility. More concentrated trace element nutrition facillitates deeper, denser root structures. Trace minerals are available in both ‘chelated and free-form’ to optimize plant metabolism and other critical plant functions. Twelve organic acids perform specialized plant functions ranging from biological survival – root development – nutrient uptake – reduced stress response from drought to elevated cell wall integrity and more efficient mineral mobility.

Finally, product applications are non-phytotoxic and can be effectively combined with other spray tank-mixes to save time, labor and delivery cost. Benefits summary includes: increased plant metabolism-nutrient absorption water uptake and stress mitigation, deeper, more fibrous root structures, reduced mineral and nitrogen requirements, reduced pesticide use, less thatch, reduced water requirements, fewer localized dry spots, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial inputs and more, BioPlex Fulvic POWER+ supplies the added measure of plant and soil support required to recover, restore, prevent and maintain optimal plant and root vigor necessary for MAXIMUM PLANT HEALTH.

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