Total Amino POWER +

BioPlex Total Amino POWER + is a nutrient supplement built on new proprietary plant fermentation technology. It is one of the most effective ways to prepare turf and ornamental plants for environmental stress. L-Amino acids provide the biochemical and biomechanical chemistries critical to active growth points. They form the cellular building blocks that perform critical structural, transport and metabolic functions within the plant.

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University testing has shown that frequent low-dose foliar fertilizer applications result in more consistent growth characteristics and more consistent putting green speeds. Controlling growth by preventing fewer flushes of growth also results in better carbohydrate conservation. BioPlex Total Amino POWER + in a preventative (most recommended) or a curative application protocol helps prevent and/or helps reverse the precursor conditions leading to plant decline and desiccation. Physiologically, L-Amino supplements are easily absorbed and allow the plant to conserve energy by not having to make L-Aminos from within the plant. The result of the elevated carbohydrate reserve enables the plant to help tolerate: compaction, drought, disease, heat and soluble salts. Optimized carbohydrate levels enhance: photosynthesis and chlorophyll production; root mass fibosity; efficient stomatal functionality; and (stress preventing) hormone synthesis (IAA, IBA, Betaines) and others.

BioPlex Total Amino POWER + is an effective tool for: (1) preparing for—and surviving—anticipated periods of extreme environmental stress, (2) greening-up turf emerging from dormancy, (3) speeding up rooting and establishment in new or overseeded fairway renovations, (4) early spring or fall when chemotropic and phototropic plant responses are (in decline) LESS optimal.

The 18 L-Amino’s are particularly valuable to green industry professionals seeking to produce a stand of turf grass that is dense, healthy, pleasing to the eye and able to withstand environmental, traffic and mechanical stresses—all at minimal input and cost. For best results, L-amino acids should be utilized as part of a well-balanced fertility and/or affiliated biostimulant (humic acid, fulvic acid, seaweed) program.

Primary Use:
• Golf Course Greens-Tees-Fairways, Sod & Turf.
• Hydro Grow, Medical Cannabis & Green Leafy Plants.
• For Use in Tank Mix, Containerized Plants & Foliar Spray.
• Stress Recovery, Post-Renovation, Rooting or Seeding.
• To Increase Plant Nutrition.
• Increase Vegetative & Root Growth.

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