Acryla-Kote Wilt STOPPER

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BioPlex Acryla-KOTE Wilt STOPPER delivers a very durable, transparent, non-phyto-toxic, long-lasting, foliar film-coating to vegetative plant tissues, branches and new buds. It even preserves hydration in candling conifers. You can also apply it effectively as “barrier protection” in conjunction with an ornamental IPM protocol resulting with the real potential to reduce or limit the future need to use harsh fungicides and insecticides in many ornamental plantings. Ecological aspect of beneficial microbes is their ability to colonize and multiply on plant roots.

BioPlex Acryla-KOTE Wilt STOPPER employs proprietary coating chemistry that effectively provides transparent film protection against dehydration for sod, needle, leaf, bud and bark plant structures. Use it safely throughout all four seasons to: maintain your ornamental inventory’s high curb appeal, reduce heat- and cold-related stress symptoms, minimize plant decline and most importantly, ensure maximum plant hydration.

Functioning as a clear film-barrier anti-transpirant and anti-desiccant, BioPlex Acryla-KOTE Wilt STOPPER effectively prevents extreme weather-related stress symptoms – wilt, leaf curl and browning leaf edges. It locks up to 70-85% of the plant’s available hydration capacity during high stress periods exceeding 90°F.

Additionally, you can get stellar results by applying BioPlex Acryla-KOTE Wilt STOPPER to containerized, B&B, spade dug ornamentals, bareroot stock and roses prior to winter storage or for pre-shipping protection to preserve root and bud hydration during transit. It is especially efficacious for use on all deciduous ornamentals and evergreens immediately after abscission, protecting them from wound related issues and potential desiccation. Timely applications help keep cut Christmas trees and greenery fresh during the entire holiday season and maintain hydration in cuttings during the propagation process. Last but not least, although NOT a repellent, developmental field-testing indicates that deer, rabbits and mice appear to have an apparent taste aversion to treated ornamental plants for 120 days plus.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Protects plants against environmental weather extremes such as drought, frost damage, extreme cold and heat and wind or salt related stress.
  • Acts as a long-term sticker/adherent for animal repellents, fungicides, pesticides.
  • Increases propagation success by preserving hydration capacity.
  • Allows for improved survival in summer-digging all ornamentals, even during full stage, mature foliage and advanced candling in conifers.
  • Improves appearance and reduces wilt in exhibit ornamentals when applied prior to trade shows, travel or other display situations.
  • Extends curb appeal, health, vigor and shelf and storage life of roses and other  inventoried ornamental, deciduous, conifer trees and shrubs.

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