8 Application Lawn & Land Care 8-2-4

Product Type: All Natural Homogeneous Fertilizer, Soil Amendment/ Inoculant and Root Stimulator
Special Feature: Homogeneous dry formulation with bonded Uni-Particle
Homogenous particle size: 1.4 to 1.6 mm
Contains: Compost, Endo-Ecto Mycorrhiza, PGIR (Plant Growth Inducing Rhizobacteria)
Ice Melt Neutralization Capacity: YNA
NPK Organic Nutrient’s: Homogeneous NPK Formulation – N (8) P (2) K (4)
Package Size: 50 lb Bag, 40 X 50 lb Bags/Pallet 40 lb Case

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BioPlex 8 Application ORGANIC Lawn & Land Care fertilizer is a 100% homogeneous, all natural bio-fertilizer formulation. It has all the agronomics necessary to effectively satisfy and meet the nutritional requirements for 8 common commercial and residential soil, root and plant applications. The ideal homogeneous particle size ranges from 1.5 to 2.0 mm size. With this type particle size distribution density, it should position this product ideally for effective use in commercial lawn care and use in all cool season fairway and sport field maintenance applications. Especially, where frequent close mowing practices promote unwanted thatch build-up. With a diverse group of 25 rhizabacteria, every application is introducing additional colonizing forming bacterial units to not only digest thatch, but build soil biotics necessary for sustainable bio-fertility ‘life-cycling’. The addition of molasses, rich in polysaccharides, fuels more rapid colonization of preexisting and/or new rhizabacteria. Endo EctoMycorrhiza, in time will inoculate root zones and add significant drought and stress tolerance. Trees, shrubs, flowers and bed areas are all the beneficiary of this most versatile, economical bio-fertilizer. Simplify Organic Land Care today with BioPlex 8 Application ORGANIC Lawn & Land.

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