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Claire’s Blooms

Locally Grown, Fresh-Cut, Long-Stem, In Season Dahlia Blooms

Over 250,000 blooms in 100 varietal types and sizes
Available: July – October

Are you a florist or wedding planner looking for elegant dahlia blooms for upcoming events and occasions? Claire’s BioPlex Blooms specializes in unique, popular wedding dahlia bloom types, as well as Dinnerplate (9-10″ and more), and other unique dahlia types and styles including: Pom Pom, Small & large formal decorative, Cactus, Anoneme, Ball, and many more!


We expect to have more than 250,000 total combined blooms throughout the 2017 growing season, including well over 100 varietal types and sizes.

Our dahlia blooms are cut and harvested at the peak point in the bloom cycle to capture and preserve the ultimate genetic floral characteristics of that particular varietal type of dahlia. This in turn, not only maximizes the aesthetic, pristine beauty of the bloom, but increases its practical usable shelf-life.


Claire’s BioPlex Blooms are grown in our beautiful botanical BioPlex Organics research gardens in Lancaster County, PA. We first began growing dahlias almost 30 years ago as test subjects for our new fertilizers and other nutrient supplement products. Many of our products under research and development are designed, in part, to promote optimized plant and root health while simultaneously utilizing less water to grow. Dahlias were a natural choice as test subjects due to their natural tendency to require more water than other similar plants.

Through the years, our small BioPlex dahlia garden plots have grown from a few dozen plants to many hundreds and that number continues to “grow” under the knowledgeable and passionate guidance of Claire, our horticulturalist.

We currently grow over 100 varietal types, all meticulously maintained under the highest quality horticultural pest and nutritional standards. In addition, to substantially extend optimal flower life, all cut-flower stems are field grown with our proprietary BioPlex brand Biostimulants, Fulvic acid and an L-Amino acid complex.


ORDERS can be placed by:
(1) eMail:
(2) Toll Free: 1.800.441.3573
(3) Fax: 717.653.0816Note: Depending on availability – SAME COLOR bunches of ALL varieties May NOT always be available. Order ahead to avoid disappointment. We suggest placing your order as soon as you know what you would like.


Product Details:
Claire’s bunches are approximately 24 inches in length with one or more prime flower blooms per stem. Lateral buds will be included on primary bloom stems at no charge. Most times of the season, fresh-cut dahlia blooms can be ordered either by type or color – meaning all the same dahlia color per bunch – not mixed; or, as mixed types and colors. All bunches however will be sized similarly.

Although not necessary, we prefer if your order is placed weeks in advance – but no less than 2 days prior to pick-up or delivery. The earlier the order is placed the better. Orders are filled by date received, first come – first served. Unfortunately, we do have days & weeks that completely sell out, so order early! We cut fresh blooms daily Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday each week.

We accept payment by cash, credit card/debit cards – Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express. We will ask for a debit or credit card number to hold your order at the time it is placed. Actual credit card charge or debit is delayed and doesn’t take place until 48 hours prior to pickup or delivery.

Order Changes:
If you should need to make any changes to your order, those must be done by phone no later than 1 week prior to your shipping date. (This includes shipment/ delivery/ pick-up date change, bunch count, or variety and color change, or any changes made to your existing order). A 48 Hour Cancellation notice is required – otherwise your credit card will be billed for the entire order amount.

Our BioPlex Bloom Guarantee:
Everyone at Claire’s BioPlex Blooms are absolutely dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our customers and the beautiful products we offer. However, we cannot guarantee our beautiful dahlias if they are not properly handled once received. We send clear instructions with every cut flower order. We are unable to provide refunds on these perishable items due to mishandling once received. Our “quality control standards” are exceedingly HIGH. All blooms are carefully packaged and shipped/ delivered/ picked-up in most cases only hours after they are cut from the gardens. To extend normal bloom lifespan, all cut stems blooms are routinely grown with our proprietary brand natural organic Biostimulants, L-Amino and Fulvic acids for extended bloom lifespan. If you should have any trouble with your cut dahlias we must be notified within 1 hour of arrival. As a valued customer, we will make every effort to make it right if your dahlia blooms do not meet our high standards by the time they are delivered.

We’ve recently completed the very successful development of an innovative, corrugated cardboard shipper, EXCLUSIVELY designed for ‘ground shipping’ dahlia blooms. Blooms are never out of water from the time they are cut in the fields, to the time they are delivered the NEXT DAY, even if the shipper box is turned upside down in transit.

UPS GROUND SHIPPING delivers to destinations in PA and states sharing a border boundary with PA (MD, DE, NJ, OH, NY) the next working day.

We also offer convenient customer pick-up at our garden facility in Lancaster County, PA and Direct UPS or Fed-X shipping options.

We look forward to providing you with the most beautiful, meticulously-grown dahlia varieties you’ll find anywhere!


Place Your Order:

(1) eMail:
(2) Toll Free: 1.800.441.3573
(3) Fax: 717.653.0816