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  • 5-Step Transplant System
  • ROOT-MAXX Plus
  • 4-in-1 Basic Planting Granules
  • 5-in-1 Complete Planting Granules
  • Natural Based Fertilizers
  • Transplant Concentrate & Plant Enhancer
  • 1•2•3 Bare Root Dip
  • 5-Iron
  • Polymer Planting Gel
  • Mycorrhizal Fungi
  • Natural Based Fertilizers
  • All Natural Repellents
  • Tree Rings
  • Treegator
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  • 1. Superior Plant Response Starts with Fresh, High Quality Raw Materials

  • Bio-Plex searches 'globally' for the "best" raw materials available. To Bio-Plex "best" doesn't necessarily translate to the "cheapest", simply the most superior product component ingredients as it relates to the products ability to elicit 'maximum agronomic plant responses'. To ensure delivery of fresh, effective products, Bio-Plex manufactures in smaller "batch" quantities. This in turn, improves more controllable inventory turnover. Net result is simply a "superior product" delivering "superior results".

    2. Product Performance & Affordability

  • Bio-Plex fully recognizes you can have the greatest, most effective product, however, if nobody can afford it, you have absolutely nothing! To that end...Bio-Plex scientific research and development efforts integrate the most advanced 'state of the art' plantsciences, soil sciences, agronomics and economics to produce PRAGMATIC, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and AFFORDABLE "Plant Survival Solutions".

    3. Phylisophical Corporate Commitment to the Highest Quality Control

  • Unfortunately, Quality Control is an "Invisible & Easy" target of compromise in many publically held corporations in this business. Product production with HIGH Quality Control isn't just vitally's EVERYTHING! To that end, Bio-Plex is a privately held corporation with one majority shareholder, has NO outside associated pressures common to publically held companies to make compromises and take formulation short-cuts leading to a greater 'bottom-line'. Bio-Plex's "Aggressive Growth and Highly Successful Reputation" would prove virtually impossible without corporate recognition, philosophical and financial commitment to maintaining the very "Highest Quality Control" possible.

    4. Bio-Plex State-of-the-Art Ultra "Micro-Plexing" Technology

  • Bio-Plex Ultra Micro-Plexing restructures product component molecules into smaller, more available, more stable atomic units. These micronized molecules are more efficiently translocated throughout plant 'Carpasian' tissues providing for maximum and immediate cellular tissue response. Bio-Plex "Micro-Plexing" technology, utilized with our fresh Norwegian cold processed seaweeds, imported humic substances, amino acids, enzymes, biologicals, NPK and micro nutrients maximizes sustained plant response under the most adverse, limited planting conditions. Soil with extremes in pH, salinity, polysaccharide structures, bi-carbonate levels combined with unanticipated drought or abnormal temperature extremes no longer prohibit or compromise positive agronomic plant responses. The reality of this proactive targeted installation protocol is greater plant stability, speedier plant establishment, reduced plant decline symptoms, substantial decreases in overall plant mortality and much more.