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  • What Exactly is Summer-Digging?
    First of all "Summer-Digging" is a relatively new "Green Industry" term describing...the harvest (field digging) of ornamental specimen plants at times of the year when environmental conditions (heat, drought, soils, etc.) and/ or cultivar growth characteristics would ordinarily make the odds of successful plant harvest & transplantation very low.
    Just why would one want to summer-dig? Numerous reasons. Delayed Spring project materials, or most common might be the elimination of flawed, inaccurate estimates regarding variety, sizes and quantities of field grown ornamental plants that might be required to fill wholesale/ retail & other Spring inventory sales projections. Couple this with real labor and material savings (overhead) a nursery appreciates by not having to maintain (water, fertilize, mulching, etc.) existing plant inventories and Summer-Digging begins to make for "good dollars & cents".
    Root Drench Prior to Digging - More Rapid Stabilization!
    Success is directly related to thorough plant preparation - not just important - it's everything. Plants must first be root drenched with a powerful bio-stimulant complex, Bio-Plex Transplant Concentrate & Plant Enhancer. This then prevents, shortens and/or reverses the duration of stress symptom recovery - leading to rapid plant stabilization.
    Below: Stressed leaf tissue (cellular) representation. Note the smaller, irregular, less turgid cells. Less cell turgor equals less physical intracellular capacity for moisture, more involuntary transpiration from deformed guard cells at leaf stomata, and reduced cell-wall permeability. Result: More flaccid inferior cell walls. More space between individual cells diminishes their capacity for efficient fluid retention and translocation.
    Below: Healthy leaf tissue (cellular) representation. Note the larger more turgid cells. More cell turgor equals more capacity for moisture, less involuntary transpiration from ineffective leaf stomata guard cells. Greater cell-wall integrity promotes superior moisture retention and fluid translocation. Result: less wilt & flagging, decreased potential for tissue decline and reduced defoliation potential.

    End of July Installation - 90° F. Above: Summer-Dug fully treated plants. Healthy. Below: Untreated, dehydrated plants requiring costly warranty replacement.

    Bio-stimulation is the spontaneous plant response, whereby a catalyst (Bio-Plex-Root-Drench) stimulates numerous biological activities in the plant resulting in elevated levels of hormonal and other closely related compounds utilized for maintaining 'elevated' plant health & vigor.
    Single Cells... Common to ALL Plant Tissues
    Increasing aggregate hormonal threshold levels (IAA, IBA & Others) greatly facilitates functional cell wall permeability and turgidity (in "ALL" plant tissues) providing the foundations directly responsible for successfully offsetting challenging "stress symptoms" throughout the extended planting cycle - harvest, installation and stabilization. Absent comprehensive cellular integrity, physiological and vascular functions become largely degraded, inefficient and non functional. The onset of vascular failure manifests itself quite visibly in the form of wilt and flagging symptoms initially, frequently leading to tissue decline, and ultimately - possible plant mortality. Bio-Plex's "Summer-Digging" application protocol targets individual, single plant cells which when considered collectively provide the building blocks for plant tissues, plant structures and ultimately fully functional complete ornamental plants.
    Pro-active Stress Management is "Key"
    Without an effective bio-stimulant treatment prior to "Summer-Digging", plant stress quickly shuts down normal physiological processes directly responsible for synthesizing 'critical' life sustaining hormonal and other related compounds. Chances of success are greatly improved by entering a stressful period (post 'Summer-Digging') with deficit reserves available to supplement and sustain cellular integrity (health) throughout the entire harvest to stabilization planting cycle. Once stabilized, plants will then be able to resume normal bio-synthesis and other vital vascular functions necessary for permanent longterm plant establishment.
    "SUMMER-DIGGING" ... Necessity or Choice!
    With all the variables involved in "summer-time plant harvest and transplantation - success is never fully guaranteed". "Summer-Digging" currently enjoys a success rate of approximately 70-98%. "Summer- Digging" although not yet evolved as a widely understood mainstream practice; does provide a 'functional' tool one might effectively employ to enhance the more successful harvest and transplantation of ornamentals at inopportune times of the year when 'potential planting opportunity' might otherwise give way to "cautious planting pessimism".

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