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  • Bio-Plex ROOT-MAXX Plus - Benefits Turf, Ornamental's, Seedlings, Soils, Sod & More!
    ...Neutralizes Soluble Salts & RESTORES Balanced - Complete Soil Ecology
    ...Provides Complete ROOT Inoculation - Increases Moisture & Nutrient Uptake
    ...Decreases or Eliminates "Fundamental" T/O PLANT ESTABLISHMENT PROBLEMS
    ...Helps Reduces TRANSPLANT Decline & Mortality
    ...Speeds Turfgrass Germination & Sod Establishment
    ...Speeds RECOVERY & STABILIZATION in DAMAGED Turf & Ornamental's
    ...reduces STRESS SYMPTOMS in turf & Ornamental's

    Bio-Plex ROOT-MAXX Plus provides the required bio-activity to lifeless soils restoring the required ecological balance integral to efficient nutrient uptake and numerous other vital biological plant functions. Installing or maintaining beautiful, healthy, award winning plants (turf, trees, flowers, shrubs) you would be wise to consider Bio-Plex ROOT-MAXX Plus to ensure installation success, continued health & stabilization. Future planting projects in disturbed, man made, substandard soils are prime candidates for effective utilization of ROOT-MAXX. Frustrated trying to manage declining, or disease prone plants (turf, trees, flowers, shrubs) ROOT-MAXX Plus may just prove an integral part of a difficult and complex rehabilitation solution. In many applications where "significant stress or environmental adversity" is extreme, combinations with Bio- Plex Transplant Concentrate & Plant Enhancer have proven effective. In conclusion, absent proper balanced soil ecology, plant establishment problems, decline and subsequent loses will continue to remain difficult and unacceptable. There's no escaping it, poor planting conditions produce no better than poor plants. Bio-Plex ROOT-MAXX Plus... serves as a bridge between lifeless soils and living, thriving turf and ornamental plants!

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    Horticulture Benefits
  • Enriched, Pro-biotic Soil Ecology
  • Increases Root & Soil Functions
  • Increases Plant Stabilization
  • Reduces Disease Pressures
  • Reduces Stress Symptoms
  • Improves Moisture Retention
  • Improves Nutrient Uptake
  • Neutralizes Soluble Salts
  • Enhances Plant Establishment
  • Speeds Plant Recovery
  • Reduces Plant Mortality
  • Speeds Seed & Sod Grow-in
  • Speeds Spring Green-up
  • Reduces Thatch Build Up
  • More Fibrous Root Mass
  • Reduces Transplant STRESS
  • Improved Photosynthetic Cap.
  • Increased Anti-oxidant's

  • Horticulture Applications
    Greens, Tee & Fairway Maintenance
    Greens, Tee & Fairway Seed-Sodding
    Greens, Tee & Fairway Construction
    Complete Ornamental Maintenance

    Transplant Installation Drench
    Ornamental Maintenance Root Drench
    Deep Root Feed Program
    Ornamental Rx Root Drench
    Seeding & Sodding Soil Conditioner
    Hydro-Seeding - Vertimulching
    Soil Rehabilitation

    Transplant Installations
    Deep Root Feed Program
    Ornamental Rx Root Drench

    Transplant Installations
    Ornamental Maintenance
    Soil amendment
    Summer-Digging with *BPTCPE

    Containerized Soil amendment

  • MULCH, PEAT Manufacturer
    Product amendment-Inoculant

    *BPTCPE...Bio-Plex Transplant Concentrate & Plant Enhancer
  • Rates: Ornamental Tree & Shrub as Landscape Root Drench
    Dry & Vertical Mulch • DEEP ROOT Feeding by Injection
    * Tank-mix@1 Lb Bio-Plex ROOT-MAXX Plus per 150-250 gallons water (1 Teaspoon per gallon water). Apply as a targeted root drench to new ornamental plantings, seeding and sod at installation. Trees & Shrubs - application can be part of final hydration. Drench @ 1- 2 gallon tank-mix per 1" caliper trunk diameter, (or) per 1,000 SF bed, seed, or sodded area. Note: 1 LB treats a Total of High - 250 / Low - 125 Caliper Inch Trunk Diameter. Containerized or "B&B" plants. Drench @ approximately 0.5 - 1 Pint tank-mix per each 5-10 gallon size container or each 12-18" plant height or spread. As DEEP ROOT FEED Injection: 1 LB in tank-mix treats 125" (curative rate)/ 250" (maintenance rate) Caliper Inch Trunk Diameter or equivalent. As soil ,mulch, peat amendment - incorporate 1/2 to 1 lb per 25 to 50 Cu-Yd media. As a dry application or "vertical mulch"...thoroughly incorporate/ blend 1 Pound into 50-150 Lb "Carrier" (Peat, Calcined Clay, Diatomaceous Earth, Sand). Apply directly to planting hole or into augered holes (thru funnel) @ 4-8 oz. (1/2 to 1 Scoop) per 1" caliper trunk diameter. Deliver in geo-concentric 4" to 10" deep holes @ 2.5 foot grid spacing or evenly distribute directly into planting hole. For optimum plant establishment and stability add Bio-Plex Transplant Concentrate and Plant Enhancer @ label rates.

    Rates: Golf Course Turfgrasses
    (Greens, Tee, Fairway - Warm & Cool Season)
    * Tank-mix @ 1/2 to 1 Lb per 25-120 gallons water per acre. Distribute (Spray) evenly as a foliar - root drench to turfgrass areas. Thorough drenching through thatch will facilitate quicker, more effective turfgrass response. For maximum response avoid tank-mix with pesticides. DO NOT mix with Fungicides and synthetic soluble fertilizers high in "P"phosphorous. For additional turfgrass stress reduction or emphasis on increased fibrous root mass - tank-mix with Bio-Plex Transplant Concentrate, and/ or Bio-Plex 12-4-6. Turf, Tree, Flower & Shrub.

    Maintenance, apply @ 4-8 week intervals. Curative, apply @ 2-6 week intervals.

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