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  • Protect Plants From Drought Two Important Ways...
    From Not Enough Water to Excessive Water

  • Drought Insurance for Your Plants
  • Reduce Plant Watering by 30-50%
  • Reduces Soil Compaction
  • Lasts 3 Seasons or More

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    Product Description
    Bio-Plex Water Holding Polymer Gel, an easy-to-use granular polymer for turf, landscape and horticulture is an exceptional blend of organic, technologically advanced polymer particles, rendered insoluble by a superior cross-linking method. Technically ADVANCED, truely SUPERIOR! It has the ability to reversibly absorb and desorb more than 500 times its weight in distilled water, and more than 150 times its weight in a standard fertilizer solution.

    Primary Benefits
    As an additive, Bio-Plex Gel increases the water-holding capacity while it improves aeration and drainage of soils.

    When properly hydrated, Bio-Plex Gel protects turf, sod, trees and shrubs against water stress damage caused by under-watering.

    Bio-Plex Gel increases plant survival by reducing transplant shock and acting as a soil buffer.

    The consistent, reliable moisture release from Bio-Plex Gel improves rate and speed of grass seed germination.

    Bio-Plex Gel aids in the absorption of excess moisture to help maintain good drainage adequate soil oxygen levels, and prevent root-rot.

    Bio-Plex Gel has a patented hydrophobic coating which prevents lumping, and makes its application possible even under moist conditions.

    As a dry, free flowing crystal, Bio-Plex Gel is compatible with granular fertilizers, grass seed, and other granular products.

    Bio-Plex Gel is easy to use in tank mixes, injection units, sprayers, and polymer planters. Bio-Plex Gel is non-corrosive.

    Bio-Plex Gel is friendly to our environment.

    "In August of last year we were scheduled to sod a large miniature golf course in the midst of a drought. Bio-Plex Gel "Saved the day" ...watering requirements were reduced sod never missed a beat." ...King Landscaping

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