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  • All Natural Solutions for Most Serious Pest Problems

    All of the ingredients used in Natural Pest Solutions products are natural. You and your customers will be surprised at the uncharacteristic, pleasant aroma of our professional lawn, garden and home products. "Mother Nature" has evolved effective, natural deterrents over thousands of years. After thorough research, they have been stabilized, effectively formulated and now available commercially. Natural Pest Solution products are very cost effective, weather resistant, long lasting, leave no unsightly film and do not burn plants. They can be applied at very low temperatures and can even be sprayed on top of the snow surrounding plants to prevent pesky critters from digging and damaging plants.

    1 Gallon Concentrate Bottles,
    48 Oz. Pump and 2 x 2.5 Gal. Case (BEST BUY!)
    Deer Solution
    Works by combination of both taste and smell. Although Deer Solution smells wonderful to humans, our unique formulation simulates daffodils, a plant that is toxic to deer and they go out of their way to avoid. Deer Solution can be used on all plants including fruits and vegetables even up to the day of harvest. Primary "AI" is Clove and Cinnamon Oil.

    Apply to slower growing plants such as trees and shrubs every 90-100 days; monthly to faster growers such as annuals, perennials, small fruits and vegetable.

    1 Gallon Concentrate Bottles
    and 48 Oz. Pump Bottles
    Woodchuck Solution
    The safe repellent critters find so offensive. Woodchucks, chipmunks, gophers, rabbits, raccoons, moles, voles, squirrels, field mice, armadillos and skunks are all discouraged from feeding and burrowing by this unique formula, which is so objectionable to all rodents but smells wonderful to humans.

    Works by smell, affects sinuses and upsets digestive tracks. Won't harm animals but makes the local environment mighty uncomfortable. Primary "AI" is Rosemary, Thyme and Caster Oil. Re-apply every 100 days.

    Can be used on lawns, flowers, vegetables, bulbs and bird feeders. Safe to spray on garbage cans.

    1 Gallon Refill Bottles
    and also available in 32 Oz.
    Hose End Sprayer RTU
    Tick & Flea Solution
    Kills and repels fleas, ticks and chiggers. Use around doghouses, animal runs, lawns, woodlands or anywhere fleas, ticks and chiggers are found outdoors. 32 Oz. Hose End Sprayer RTU. Primary "AI" is Lemon Grass and Peppermint Oil. Re-apply every 30 days.

    1 Gallon Concentrate Bottles
    and also available in 32 Oz.
    Hose End Sprayer RTU
    Mosquito Solution
    Kills and repels mosquitoes and gnats - adult and larvae. Apply monthly during the mosquito season.

    Use around homes, gardens, wet and marshy areas, standing water, campsites, and water gardens.

    A great alternative to products containing DEET. Primary "AI" is Citrenella, Rosemary Oil. Re-apply every 14 days.

    1 Gallon Concentrate Bottles
    and 48 Oz. Pump Bottles
    Plant Solution
    The safe, all natural solution for controlling plant-attacking insects.

    Plant Solution's quick acting formula was specifically developed to repel a wide variety of chewing and sucking insects including aphids, white flies, caterpillars, mites, Colorado potato beetles and more. Primary "AI" is Peppermint and Thyme Oil. Re-apply every 30 days.

    Can be used on all plants including fruits and vegetables up to the day of harvest.

    Reduces plant stress and helps to eliminate insect transmitted plant diseases.

    Product Descriptions
    Insect and pest problems continue to persist in America while consumers, manufacturers and government agencies continue to look for safe but effective solutions. People are aware of the safety issues and are concerned, but never the less, the use of man-made, synthetic pesticides increases annually. Many have turned to natural products, but they too can have faults. Poor performance, offensive odors and tastes, formulations containing undesirable materials such as animal wastes, are not uncommon and although natural, high toxicity rates can still be an issue in many of them.

    We at Natural Pest Solutions, understand these concerns because they are the same as ours. Our mission was clear from the start - to try to address all of your needs - to develop and make available products that would effectively reduce pest damage and annoyances, while being gentle and safe around our families, pets, plants, and the environment. Take a look at the list of ingredients printed on any of our products labels. You won't find any hard to pronounce, unfamiliar chemical names. What you will see are many recognizable, common ingredients. Natural Pest Solutions, provide an alternative, safe and cost effective solution to serious and difficult pest problems!

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    We believe we have the best products in the
    industry and you will love them.

    "This fall we began retailing a new deer repellent, Deer Solution. As an experiment, we decided to test this product out for a slightly different use! Over the past five years, we have had an ever-increasing problem with squirrels eating our pumpkins that are displayed in our retail establishment, both outside and in a large gutter-connected greenhouse. Often we were throwing out ten or fifteen pumpkins every day. With one application of the Deer Solution, the damage was immediately and completely stopped! Four weeks later, the squirrels still aren't touching the pumpkins, and we have not thrown out five all season long! Next year, we are going to spray all of the pumpkins we sell with this great product, and advertise that our pumpkins are 'squirrel proof'. Thanks for a great, safe and long-lasting repellent!" ...Russell Orchards, Inc.

    "Woodchucks are a major problem in vegetable gardens in our area. Almost nothing is labeled safe for vegetables. A customer of ours who is rather critical of many animal control products tried Woodchuck Solution. She came back and was ecstatic that something really works on woodchucks." ...Adams Fairacre Farms

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