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  • Research has been ongoing in an attempt to find ways to effectively reduce the imput of detrimental fertilizer chemical contaminants, while at the same time, providing safe, superior, professional, predictable plant response. One of the most promising areas of research has been in the formulation of "natural organic based" fertilizers combined with performance enhancing biostimulant components. ALL Bio-Plex fertilizers - liquid's, pelletized, and tablet formulations contain selected highly digestible nutrient components combined with this proprietary Bio-Plex fortified formulation technology.

    Agronomic Benefit - Help build natural soil biotics...
    "Natural Based Fer tilizers + Bio-stimulants" relieve hard compacted soils and allow water and air to penetrate deeper into the soil. This is a prerequisite for superior roots. Not surprisingly, bigger, deeper roots are a prerequisite for healthier more resilient, greener turf.

    Agronomic Benefit - Increase moisture retention and superior nutrient uptake...
    "Natural Based Fertilizers" add humates as well as promoting the formation of humates in soils. By adding humates and affecting the conversion of humus, you are strengthening the soils natural water holding capacity. Increasing humates promotes and supports greener turf and healthier ornamentals through periods of drought. Humates also significantly facilitate efficient nutrient uptake.

    Agronomic Benefit - Decrease clip-yields, improved vigor, sustained color, less disease pressure...
    "Natural Based Fertilizers", due to their "natural organic components", provide steady, consistent release of highly digestible nutrients over an extended and predictable period of time. The net result is a growth pattern that is more ‘even', naturally in tune with the "phototrophic and chemotropic" plant response. Natural growth, less unnatural ornamental growth spurts, less clipping yield means turf stays much greener, healthier, much longerwhile at the same time naturally supressing disease pressures!

    Agronomic Benefit - Superior plant growth and stress resistance...
    Promote Plant Tissue Bio-Stimulation - providing added benefits to plant root growth and stress tolerance... University research strongly supports that - "Bio-Plex" in combination with fertilizers, produces substantially greater "short and longterm" plant responses and benefits than conventional fertilizers alone. Root densities, color, growth characteristics, as well as, increasing the "stress resistance and drought tolerance", are all valuable, additional plant ‘benefits' that can be predicted, and appreciated with the addition of "Bio-Plex" impregnated "natural-based" fertilizers.

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