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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q... What is... Bio-Plex Technical Transplant Concentrate and Plant Enhancer?
    A... By simple definition, it is a concentrated liquid complex of many "naturally occurring" organic compounds; including but not limited to - cold processed seaweed extract, humic substances, numerous plant vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, nutrient chelators, root specific growth stimulators, chelated iron & micronutrients - and a new "state of the art" organo-silacone based tissue and soil penetrant.

    You can now successfully harvest, install or even rehabilitate ornamentals even through the hottest and most extreme weather conditions. For nursery growers, our customers confirm that a summer-digging program is a cost-effective way to extend their plant supply inventories. "Bio-Plex Technical Transplant Concentrate" can be effectively utilized "PRE" digging, "At or POST" plant installation.

    Primary plant benefits include, however are not limited to, reduced wilt and flagging symptoms, increased moisture retention, reduced defoliation leading to plant decline and mortality and more rapid plant establishment and rooting.

    A MUST when the value of your project includes your reputation as well as your "bottom-line"!

    Q... Can I purchase "Bio-Plex" direct?
    A... We do encourage end-users to purchase locally when there is a full-stocking distributor available; however, the reality is...most distributors are NOT full-line distributors and therefore you are quite welcome to purchase direct in most instances.

    Q... What is the shelf-life of Bio-Plex Technical Transplant Concentrate?
    A... It will remain stable for a good two years, possibly three. The worse storing conditions would be in prolonged, high temperatures, the likes of which may occur when experiencing prolonged exposure to direct summer sun or a small, un-insulated metal building.

    Q... How long after an initial application of Bio-Plex Technical Transplant Concentrate can I safely reapply?
    A... There is no minimum timeframe that would preclude you from reapplying anytime plant symptoms might call for. Having said that, single application should continue to provide significant plant benefits for up to 10-14 days in high stress to 21-45 days in light to moderate stress conditions. Reapplication sooner than might be necessary would involve economic considerations, NOT plant safety and performance penalties.

    Q... I've heard I can do summer digging with Bio-Plex Transplant Concentrate. What exactly does that mean?
    A... This means you can field harvest trees & shrub as needed, in more undesirable stressful conditions without having to subsequently maintain them in an inventory maintenance-protocol. Refer to Bio-Plex Technical Transplant Concentrate page.

    Q... How expensive is Bio-Plex Technical Transplant Concentrate?
    A... It is sold as a liquid concentrate. When purchased in a (single) six-gallon mini-drum ($87.00/gallon) material costs at highest recommended rate would equal $2.03 per each 1" caliper tree diameter. One inch caliper trunk diameter would be equivalent to a (1) 2-3 gallon size container or (2) 24" to 36" plant height or spread. When you foactor in the other fixed costs of planting, the utilization of Bio-Plex Technical Transplant Concentrate remains relatively insignificant vs. benefits.

    Q... What can I do to rehabilitate declining symptoms of existing ornamentals in a compacted construction site?
    A... For optimum results: 1. Root Drench a initial tank-mix combination of Basic Soil Biotics + Bio-Plex Technical Transplant Concentrate + Water Soluble Mycorrhizal Fungi 2. Repeat two, seperate single applications of the Technical Transplant Concentrate at 14-21 day intervals.


    "...the day we dug the trees it was 87° and mid-afternoon. The next morning the untreated test tree leaves were starting to get crispy. The three treated trees looked and felt the same as all the rest of the trees in the field. My customer planted the trees and they looked fine the rest of the summer and went dormant with the other trees in the same project." ...Eco-Nursery
    "...I've used Bio-Plex Concentrate for a little over a year with wonderful results. I never thought I'd be able to transplant in 85° weather with little or no wilting - but it really worked well for me. It has extended my transplanting season from 4½ months per year to 7 or 8 months, making it easier for scheduling and a better bottom line." ...Knecht's GreenGrow Nurseries & Landscaping
    "...We own a wholesale nursery and grow various species of palms and woody ornamentals. We used Bio-Plex on almost everything. It really seems to stimulate root growth and helped green everything up." ...Hughes Nursery
    "...Bio-Plex has become a very useful and reliable addition to our productive program. In August, using Bio-Plex Concentrate, we successfully dug sixty-six 2" cal. Red Oak trees. These trees were loaded directly from our field and shipped 400 miles without any problems occurring. We have since dug Zelkova, Swamp White Oak, Red Maple and a variety of flowering shrubs in the heat of summer. Bio-Plex has made summertime digging possible with little or no risk to us." ...Waynesboro Nursery
    "...The most difficult cultivar we propogate is Ilex Vomitoria, or Yapon Holly. We usually achieve 25-30% successful rooting but with Bio-Plex Concentrate... we achieved a 90-95% rate. GREAT PRODUCT!" ...Gleason Nursery
    "...I would no longer feel apprehensive purchasing plants dug in the growing season if Bio-Plex was used. I would also like to use it in the establishment of landscapes I install." ...Way's Nature
    "...when Bio-Plex became available, it changed summer digging forever. In the spring we dip all bareroot materials in a slurry of Bio-Plex and Liqui-Gel. We encourage anyone who has not tried Bio-Plex to give it a try." ...Lewis Nursery
    "...I had an opportunity to experience the effects of Bio-Plex Transplant Concentrate in the summer of 1998. An associate and I used this product on White Pine with 8" caldles. We dug 3-4 trailer loads that sat out for 3-4 days. The trees never wilted. We were quite impressed with this." ...Trees Unlimited
    "... I was having a problem with transplanting the direct planted herbs from our herb farm to the client's landscape. We were experiencing plant stress and in many instances, plant mortality. Since watering in Bio-Plex 24 hours prior to digging, I am happy to say that the herbs recover from the transplant quicker and we haven't lost a single herb...our costs have decreased measurably." ...Persimmon Creek Gardens
    "...We've been using Bio-Plex Concentrate in our Summer digging program since June...thus far we haven't lost a single tree. Many of our landscape contractors are starting to insist on Bio- Plex treated trees, and are buying and using it themselves as part of their Summer post-planting maintenance programs. This is the first product we've bought in a long time that has out-performed advertising claims" ...Greenbriar Farms
    "...We found Bio-Plex Concentrate to be extremely effective . We are now considering using Bio-Plex for our lining out stock, bareroot liners in the spring season." ...The RHOADS Garden
    "...Please accept my congratulations on providing a great product to the horticulture profession in the form of Bio-Plex. I began using your organic fertilizers plus Bio-Plex to treat English boxwoods and camellias. In the course of one growing season I noticed a significant improvement in leaf color, thickness, and flexibility. Compared to a control group, the treated plants were clearly superior in leaf, flower bud, and root development. I enthusiastically recommend Bio-Plex to everyone who grows plants." ...Goodhart's Gardens of Gloucester
    "...We've been using fertilizers impregnated with Bio-Plex for some of our applicationsand have found them to be extremely effective...turf was kept greener, longer, with less tailing off than standard fertilizers." ...Lawn Doctor N.W. Lancaster
    "...Since we have been using Bio-Plex, we have been able to dig Cherries and Pears all summer long." ...Schochary Ridge Nursery

    Mycorrhizal Testimonials...

    "In the fall of 1999 we applied Rhizopogon, a mycorrhizal fungus, through our sprayer to several peds of our bareroot nursery in Red Bay, Alabama. Approximately six weeks after applications we hand lifted trees that were inoculated and not inoculated. The difference in feeder root growth were extraordinary. The inoculated trees had significantly more feeder root growth than the trees that were not inoculated. These trees were sent off for verification. I am totally convinced that the Rhizopogon inoculated trees should be the standards for our production if we are to insure survival and exceptional growth for our customers." ...International Forest Company
    "Last spring we were having difficulty with a crop of containerized greenhouse plants. They were showing a nitrogen deficiency even though our fertility levels were high. We pulled a few trays to the side and applied your mycorrhiza to the remainder of the crop. Within a week we could see a dramatic difference in the colour of the foliage and the overall health of the plants. The untreated seedlings continued to deteriorate. These seedlings were transplanted on time and performed well in the nursery transplant beds. Since then mycorrhizal applications have become an accepted planting protocol for our seedling and our containerized crops at our nursery." ...Provincial Nursery
    "I am writing to inform you of the excellent results we ar having with the biostimulant and mycorrhizal products. Our production begins with rooted cuttings that are now being inoculated with the biostimulant and mycorrhiza spores right prior to being transplanted into starter pots. We have observed superior root growth, better basal branching along with thicker stems. The net benefits verses costs is quite acceptable, were adding probably a few pennies, not dollars." ...Merc Nursery & Growers
    "We were recently consulted regarding some Oak street trees that were showing signs of decline. I applied two applications of your Transplant Concentrate along with your soluble mycorrhizal soil and root inoculant in the late summer of 2000. The following spring the results were striking. The treated trees leafed out faster and exhibited larger and darker leaves than the untreated trees. We are going to retreat this year while at the same tim include the untreated control trees. Thanks for your assistance and recommendations in this situation." ...Davis Landscape and Arborist

    Bio-Plex 1-2-3 Bareroot Dip Testimonials...

    "We are wholesale and retail growers of high quality palms and other subtropical plants. In July of last year we used your 1𠂻 Rootdip Gel on crops of Philodendron sellkoum plugs and Philodendron x evansii. We simply dipped the root systems into the gel and potted them into gallon containers. The Philodendron sellkoum plugs were moved to five gallons after only four and one-half months. The same plants in our control group are still in one gallon pots, about one-half the size. The crop of Philodendron x evansii grew aamazing well. They were moved to fifteen gallon pots after only five months. The plants treated with the Gel-Dip grew rapidly with outstanding color and root structures. From plugs and liners to "ready to sell" plants in five months, if I had not been witness to it, I probably would not believe it." ...Tropic Growers, Inc.
    "I've recently transplanted bareroot roses into pots with your 1𠂻 Bareroot GEL Dip. The response was quite visible. Within two months the treated transplants were fuller, more canes and branches with outstanding flowering vigor and presentation characteristics. We were impressed and intend to do all our roses and other bareroot materials with the Dip in the future." ...King River Growers, Inc.
    "We specialize in high quality foliage and flowering plants for wholesale and retail. We used your 1𠂻 Root Dip Gel on several plant types. Somewhat by accident we did some initially without the root-dip gel and the remainder with. We observed that the treated plants cought up with and even surpassed the growth of the untreated plants by the time they were marketed. We saw less stress symptoms with superior vigor, healthier growth and increased stem thickness on the treated plants. We found your product very impressive as well as cost effective." ...New Era Farms

    Repellex Testimonials...
    Repellex is currently unavailable while undergoing EPA Registration Review.

    "Last fall we planted 35,000 Douglas Fir 1+0 313 plugs on our Saltspring Island property. The island has an extreme deer and wild sheep problem which in most instances totally destroy any new unprotected plantations. The initial results show reduced browsing on trees with pellets. Most damage has been limited to the top 2.5 cm where the needles are nibbled off, but the bud is undamaged. In areas without pellets, the seedlings are almost totally eaten. We were encouraged enough to use 20,000 pellets along with spray on all of our spring plantings in the area. ...Weldwood, Logging And Forestry Div. - B.C.
    "As you know, we applied Ani-Pel (Repellex) tablets to over 40,000 native plants that we installed at Grissley Creek Rest Area in Glenwood Canyon Colorado for the Colorado DOT. The tablets were used to discourage numerous deer in the canyon from feeding on the plants which are indigenous to the canyon and therefore prime forage for the deer. The work was completed last fall and we have not seen any damage to our plants as they came out of dormancy and are filling out quite sucessfully. Under similar conditions I would definitely use your product again. ...Randall & Blake, Inc. - Colorado
    "We recently started using your product and the results were almost immediate. As has been reported...the deer situation on Hilton Head Island has reached epidemic proportions. Beautiful blooming plants and shrubs had been planted one day and were gone the next!!! After trying several products, with little or no success, we began using Repellex. The results were astounding! Reports began coming into our office...deer actually taking a few sniffs and then turning up their noses and walking away. Our hats are off to you for this amazing product. ...Island Environments, Inc. - Hilton Head Island, S.C.
    "I used the product this year thanks to my landscape friends at Pennink Arrimour Inc. and I am very pleased with the results. I now have a heard of deer in my back yard, probably bedding down and have no evidence of browsing to speak of. (My back yard is hemmed in with a Yew hedge almost destroyed in years past.) I look foreward to using your product again this year. ...Hawkhurst - Blue Bell, Pa
    "I am very pleased with the results that I have gotten with the ANIPEL ANIMAL REPELLANT (Repellex). The amount of damage from deer was reduced considerably. There is very little sign of browsing damage. I placed one tablet with each 2-year old Douglas Fir seedling that I planted. I also have a small Choose and Cut tree farm with annual sales of 250 trees. I havn't done a very scientific study of the effect of your product. I'm mostly going on what I can see. It seems to really work! That's what counts for me! ...Raisanen's Christmas Trees
    "We plant 70-80,000 spring flowering bulbs every year, 85% of them being Tulips, for our spring festival. As you know we tried Repellex in the test area, instantly the deer stopped feeding in this area and moved to another area. With this, we then applied Repellex to all of the tulips and had no to little damage to the tulips from that point on. When I say little, I mean that we had 98% control on the feeding. ...Cullen Gardens, Inc. - Ontario
    "I am in my 16th year of owning a professional gardening service and am a Master Gardner. In the past five years, deer control has become an integral part of our program. This June we made one application of Anispray (Repellex Concentrate) on two of our largest accounts where deer populations can be as high as 300. There was already signs of deer browsing even though we had been using other deer repellent products. Within one week we could see results, and within two weeks even more. Not only were the deer not nibbling anymore, but the plants they had previously eaten were growing back and filling in. Now we are comming back for more (Repellex Concentrate) and confident that this will be the product we can count on. ...Heidi's Lakeshore Gardens - Minnesota