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    Deep-Root Feeding Program

    The following Bio-Plex... "Plant Survival Solutions" product recommendations offer a cost effective, 'state of the art', biologically sound, nutrient management protocol dedicated to maintaining and advancing optimum year-round plant health in ornamental trees and shrubs! Note that individual products alone, or in any combination, can be effectively integrated into your current or otherwise existing deep-root feeding programs.

    Technical Concentrate and Plant Enhancer
    Bio-Plex Technical Concentrate and Plant Enhancer
    is a concentrated complex rich in humic acids, cold-processed seaweed, enzymes, amino acids, micronutrients, plant vitamins and other proprietary ingredients. As a supplement to fertilizers, many other fundamental biological processes are more aggressively stimulated leading to the added synthesis of numerous plant hormones, organic acids, anti-oxidants and other valuable plant substances. The cumulative benefits over and above nutrients alone are a more mature, healthier, hardier, better rooted, stress tolerant plant.

    Rate & Average Cost
    ½ - 2 Qt per 100 Gal • $25.00 per 100 Gal • 20¢ per 1" Cal. Trunk

    ROOT-MAXX Plus Soil & Root Inoculant
    Soil Conditioner - Root Inoculant

    Bio-Plex ROOT-MAXX Plus provides the required bioactivity to lifeless soils restoring the required ecological balance integral to efficient nutrient uptake and numerous other vital biological plant functions. In conclusion, absent proper balanced soil ecology, plant establishment problems, decline and subsequent loses will continue to remain difficult and unacceptable. There's no escaping it, poor soil ecology produce no better than poor plants. Bio-Plex ROOT-MAXX Plus... serves as a bridge between lifeless soils and hardy, living, thriving ornamental plants!

    Rate & Average Cost
    1 Lb/ 125-250 CITD - $20.00 per 100 Gal - 39¢ per 1" Cal. Trunk

    Natural-Based Multi-Purpose Fertilizer
    Bio-Plex 12-4-6 + Bio-Plex
    Turf, Tree, Flower and Shrub
    is a concentrated liquid complex of nutrients, derived totally, or in part, from soluble fish hydrolyze, natural humic substances, colloidal phosphates, feather meal, seaweed, and urea. It is fortified and supplemented with a powerful, safe and effective bio-stimulant. This concentrated slow-release nutrient complex elicits multiple beneficial plant responses up to 12 months when injected in a deep-root feeding protocol. Also available in a Natural-Based 5-10-5 root enhancer formulation. Both are LOW SALT, LOW CHLORIDE to ensure safe and effective longterm results.

    Rate & Average Cost
    1-2 Gal per 100 Gal • $30.00 per 100 Gal • 24¢ per 1" Cal. Trunk

    5% Chelated Iron
    Bio-Plex 5 Iron
    is a supplemented iron complex, excellent for foliar and deep root feeding. It is specifically formulated to promote superior plant response in the following areas. Superior chlorophyll synthesis, improved stress tolerance, fibrous root development, efficient nutrient translocation, increased soil moisture retention, and overall optimum plant growth and development. Bio-Plex 5 Iron is rich with a humic-seaweed matrix thus providing excellent soil conditioning and chelation substrates. "Humic-seaweed substances" supply valuable biostimulation properties. Bio-Plex 5-Iron - outstanding when used for maintenance or to remediate existing chlorotic conditions.

    Rate & Average Cost
    1/5 - 3 Gal per 100 Gal • $79.00 per 100 Gal • 63¢ per 1" Cal. Trunk

    Rates of Application
    Tank-mix any combination of the above Bio-Plex "Plant Survival Solutions" products that satisfy the specific agronomic requirements and objectives desired from your Deep Root Feeding program. All products are safe and effective, 'pro-biotic', low salt, low chloride, seaweed-humic acid based formulations. Make all applications within a concentric, balanced, geometric-metric pattern when and where possible. Rate Soil Injection: Per100 gallon, 4-product combined tank-mix should prove adequate to feed over 1,000 sq. ft. grid area, or 125 total caliper inch trunk diameter. Delivering 8-10 fl. oz. per (1) single injection site, utilize approximately 10 to 15 injection sites per each 1" trunk diameter on average. Shrubbery Rates - inject 3 to 5 sites @ 8-12 fl. oz. per soil insertion, per each 1 foot plant height or 1 gallon size container. As a soil drench for ground cover or general surface drench applications, apply tank-mix drench at 25-40 gallon 4-way 'tank-mix' per 1,000 sq. ft. area. Note: Expect lower rate applications to release over 6-9 months, higher rate applications over12-15 months.

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