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  • The Bridge Between Plant Health,
    Plant Survival and Transplant Success!

    In the increasingly competitive green industry, Bio-Plex® Plant Survival Essentials have helped landscape and nursery professionals bridge the gap between marginal plantings and great plantings

    Arborists, landscape, turfgrass, greenhouse and nursery professionals alike find Bio-Plex® Plant Survival Essentials products environmentally safe, economical and very easy to use. The small additional costs they involve are more than offset through the improved results and the long term benefits they afford your planting projects time and again.

    Bio-Plex® Plant Survival Essentials help reduce overall costs, save valuable time, improve productivity, expands the transplant season and strengthens their companies reputation thru greater transplant successes. Expanding their transplant season and increase transplant survival rates reduces the requirement for warranty replacements, callbacks and needless excuses for payment delays or worse yet, invoice adjustments. The net result is greater customer satisfaction and a greener bottom line.

    As a group, Bio-Plex® Plant Survival Essentials have many diversified, beneficial uses and applications. Used to harvest and maintain field grown plants, maintain and install landscape plantings, speed greenhouse plant production, seeding and sodding, or the maintenance of high stress golf course turfgrasses - Bio-Plex® Plant Survival Essentials provide effective, practical solutions to a wide variety of difficult problems facing today's green industry professionals. Bio-Plex® Plant Survival Essentials have shown to produce consistent plant responses such as stress reduction, increased moisture retention, and a more rapid rate of plant establishment, maturity and root development, even under severe, adverse conditions.

    At the center of our Bio-Plex® Plant Survival Essentials, is our parent compound, Bio-Plex Technical Transplant Concentrate and Plant Enhancer.

    Because of Bio-Plex Technical Concentrate well documented, powerful, effects on plants (trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, cuttings, lingers and turfgrasses) at very low rates, it has been utilized as a very versatile, highly successful stand alone product, as well as, a supplemental component that many other Bio-Plex Products are combined and fortified with.

    What is at the heart of this powerful product? Bio-Plex Technical Transplant Concentrate and Plant Enhancer is a concentrated liquid complex of naturally occurring organic compounds, including - cold processed seaweed extract, humic acids, numerous plant vitamins, proprietary enzymes, amino acids, nutrient chelators, root specific growth stimulants, chelated iron & micronutrients - all homogenized with a new state of the art organo-silicone based tissue and soil penetrant. Bio-Plex products are primarily natural organic, therefore safe, effective, and environmentally friendly.

    Bio-Plex Technical Transplant Concentrate and Plant Enhancer forms the foundation for a complete system of plant growth and survival insurances. Numerous Plant Survival Essentials products are profiled throughout this website.

    Bio-Plex Plant Survival Solutions have proven invaluable to plant professionals around the world. When the value of your planting includes your reputation as well as your bottom-line, Bio-Plex Delivers! How can you possibly afford not to consider the use of one or more of the Bio-Plex Plant Survival Essentials?

    Again, Bio-Plex not only grows success but profits and reputations as well! Our technical staff looks forward to discussing your particular problems and questions.
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