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  • 5 Complete Product Combination,
    1 Easy Application at Installation...
    1 Result, Superior Planting Success

    Product Description
    Simplicity isn't always settling for less. Simplify your transplanting protocols while improving transplant results and Profits with Bio-Plex 5-IN-1 Complete Planting Granules.

    Bio-Plex's proven 5-way combination gives 'professionals' a complete, comprehensive, cost effective one-step approach to effectively meeting your COMPLETE Agronomic Plant Establishment Requirements.

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    Bio-Plex's "Complete"Planting Granules Consists of:
    1. Bio-Plex Bio-Stimulant
    2. Endo-Ecto Mycorrhizae
    3. Polymer Gel
    4. Natural Organic Fertilizer
    5.Volcanic Rock Crystals

    Plant Survival Benefits!
    (1) Slow-Release, Highly Digestible Nutrient Source
    (2) Drought or Excess Moisture Management
    (3) Improved Drought Tolerance
    (4) Speedier Plant Establishment
    (5) Increased Soil Porosity, Reduced Compaction
    (6) More Even Water Distribution
    (7) More Fibrous Root Mass
    (8) Complete Fungal & Bacterial Root Inoculant
    (9) Improved Plant Hydration
    (10) Reduced Water Requirements
    (11) Reduced Stress Symptoms, Wilt, Flagging
    (12) Reduced Plant Mortality and Many More
    1. Bio-Plex Bio-Stimulant stimulates three primary plant responses critical to successful plant establishment.
    (a) supports superior moisture retention in plant tissues (c) elevates anti-oxidants and photosynthetic capacity of plant (b) promotes a more fibrous root system

    2. Bio-Plex Endo-Ecto Mycorrhizae soil and root inoculant ensures long-term stress and moisture management, Primary life-long plant enhancements are...
    (a) incredibly enhanced root mass (b) increased capacity for moisture and nutrient assimilation

    3. Bio-Plex Advanced Polymer GEL ensures additional hydration capacity available to the root system for approximately 2 years. Primary benefits are...
    (a) more consistent moisture availability (c) reduced hydration-dehydration stress cycles (b) decreased watering frequency

    4. Bio-Plex Natural Organic 2-3-2 fertilizers provide the low salt-low chloride nutrients necessary for safe & effective plant establishment. Primary plant benefits are...
    (a) dependable, safe, slow-released nutrients to nourish tender, new fibrous roots

    5. Bio-Plex Porous Volcanic Rock Crystals promotes greater air and water infiltration, creating a drier root zone less prone to serious root pathogens and general plant decline characteristics. Primary benefits are...
    (a) improved CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity (b) Superior moisture management

    "Bio-Plex's "5-IN-1" Complete Planting Granules have effectively simplified our planting protocol; but more importantly, significantly reduced "call backs" to deal with subsequent plant problems and warranty issues. This is one of the few products that has more than paid for itself. GREAT PRODUCT!"...Universal Landscaping

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