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  • 4 Product Combination, 1 "Basic" Planting Tool, 1 Dependable Result... Reduced Plant Mortality!

    Product Description
    There's nothing more expensive than a 'dead' plant! Simplify your transplanting protocols while improving transplant results and profits with Bio-Plex's 'Basic' 4-IN-1 Planting Granules.

    Bio-Plex's proven 4-way "basic" combination gives 'professionals' a complete, comprehensive, cost effective one-step approach to effectively meeting your complete Agronomic Plant Establishment Requirements... Easily, Safely and Effectively!

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    Bio-Plex's New 4-in-1 Basic Planting Granules are formulated with:
    1. Bio-Plex Bio-Stimulant for Stress Reduction and Superior Plant Hydration
    2. Endo-Ecto Mycorrhizae Fungi for Root Zone Enhancement
    3. Porous Volcanic Rock Crystals for Superior Air & Water Infiltration
    4. Slow Release, Low Salt, Low Chloride, Highly Digestible, Natural Organic Fertilizer

    "1" Basic Planting Product... Many Essential Agronomic Benefits!
    (1) Balanced, Available Nutrients
    (2) Soil Conditioner & Humate Ammendment
    (3) Reduced Stress Symptoms
    (4) Complete Soil & Root Inoculant
    (5) Reduced Compaction
    (6) Superior Air Infiltration
    (7) Decreased Plant Decline & Mortality
    (8) Excellent for Wet, Poorly Drained Conditions

    1. Bio-Plex Bio-Stimulant stimulates three primary plant responses critical to successful plant establishment.
    (a) supports superior moisture retention in plant tissues (c) elevates anti-oxidants and photosynthetic capacity of plant (b) promotes a more fibrous root system

    2. Bio-Plex Endo-Ecto Mycorrhizae soil and root inoculant ensures long-term stress and moisture management, Primary life-long plant enhancements are...
    (a) incredibly enhanced root mass (b) increased capacity for moisture and nutrient assimilation

    3. Bio-Plex Porous Volcanic Rock Crystals promotes greater air and water infiltration, creating a drier root zone less prone to serious root pathogens and general plant decline characteristics. Primary benefits are...
    (a) improved CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity (b) Superior moisture management

    4. Bio-Plex Natural Organic 2-3-2 fertilizers provide the low salt-low chloride nutrients necessary for safe & effective plant establishment. Primary plant benefits are...
    (a) dependable, safe, slow-released nutrients to nourish tender, new fibrous roots

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