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  • Use to minimize plant decline, speed establishment and
    Reduce Plant Mortality in Bareroot Liners and Cuttings.

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    1. Bio-Plex Biostimulant reduces STRESS symptoms and increases fibrous root mass.
    2. Bio-Plex Gel manages moisture to effectively hydrate plant tissues even through all "4" seasons and extreme conditions.
    3. Bio-Plex Endo-EctoMycorrhizae Root Inoculants ensures maximum nutrient and moisture availability when transplants are most vulnerable.
    "Last season I used your 1-2-3 Bio-Plex on all my bare root plants. In late fall I planted a test including 72 dipped and 72 un-dipped plants that were potted in same media. The dipped plants rooted in quicker, grew taller and filled out at a higher rate than the untreated plants. The results have amazed me and lead me to become a firm believer in bare root treatment."
    - Green Acres Farm
    Product Description
    Superior Bare Root Transplant survival starts before the plants are placed into the soil!

    Bio-Plex 1•2•3 Bare Root Soil Inoculant gives you a "one-two-three" punch of protection against transplanting problems. A one-step application works great with all your plants.

    Primary Benefits
    This powerful "1-2-3" combination gives you extraordinary results and optimum benefits including:
  • Stress reduction
  • More Aggressive rooting and rapid establishment
  • Superior moisture absorption
  • Healthier, Hardier plants with maximum plant survival
  • Bio-Plex 1𠂻 Bare Root Inoculant ensures...
    1. Decreased plant Decline & Mortality
    2. Quicker plant establishment
    3. Superior first "three years" growth & development
    For mere 1/2¢ to 2¢ per plant, your results can replicate the TOP pictures below!

    1. Bio-Plex Bio-Stimulant stimulates two primary plant responses critical to successful transplants
    (a) promotes superior moisture retention in plant tissues
    (b) stimulates a more fibrous root system

    2. Bio-Plex Endo-EctoMycorrhizae soil and root inoculant ensures long-term stress and moisture management, Primary life-long plant enhancements are...
    (a) a more fibrous root capacity
    (b) increased moisture and nutrient assimilation
    (c) reduced stress symptoms

    3. Bio-Plex Advanced Polymer GEL ensures additional hydration capacity available to the root system for approximately 3-5 years. Primary benefits are...
    (a) reduced dehydration symptoms
    (b) decreased watering frequency
    (c) reduced hydration-dehydration stress cycles

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    "We are wholesale and retail growers of high quality palms and other subtropical plants. In July of last year we used your 1𠂻 Rootdip Gel on crops of Philodendron sellkoum plugs and Philodendron x evansii. We simply dipped the root systems into the gel and potted them into gallon containers. The Philodendron sellkoum plugs were moved to five gallons after only four and one-half months. The same plants in our control group are still in one gallon pots, about one-half the size. The crop of Philodendron x evansii grew aamazing well. They were moved to fifteen gallon pots after only five months. The plants treated with the Gel-Dip grew rapidly with outstanding color and root structures. From plugs and liners to "ready to sell" plants in five months, if I had not been witness to it, I probably would not believe it." ...Tropic Growers, Inc.
    "I've recently transplanted bareroot roses into pots with your 1𠂻 Bareroot GEL Dip. The response was quite visible. Within two months the treated transplants were fuller, more canes and branches with outstanding flowering vigor and presentation characteristics. We were impressed and intend to do all our roses and other bareroot materials with the Dip in the future." ...King River Growers, Inc.
    "We specialize in high quality foliage and flowering plants for wholesale and retail. We used your 1𠂻 Root Dip Gel on several plant types. Somewhat by accident we did some initially without the root-dip gel and the remainder with. We observed that the treated plants cought up with and even surpassed the growth of the untreated plants by the time they were marketed. We saw less stress symptoms with superior vigor, healthier growth and increased stem thickness on the treated plants. We found your product very impressive as well as cost effective." ...New Era Farms

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