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  • 5-Step Transplant System
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  • 5-Step Transplant System

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    Bio-Plex Organic's strives to provide an effective bridge between Plant Health, Plant Survival, and Superior Transplant Success thru innovative product research and development. Our "R&D" deals with 'natural organic and related compounds'. Our primary research groups include mycorrhizal fungi, cold processed seaweeds, humic acids, complex sugars, enzymes, bacterium, amino acids, natural organic fertilizers, repellents, transplant stress, volcanic rock crystals and other biological organisms.

    Moving forward into a new century "SUCCESS" involves even greater personal and corporate responsibility to reduce the negative impact "Green Industry" products have on the environment, most importantly - soils and water. "BIO-PLEX - PLANT SURVIVAL ESSENTIALS" provides practical solutions to a wide variety of difficult problems facing industry professionals with innovative, new, safe and effective Plant Survival Solutions.

    What we do today is our legacy, what we accomplish tomorrow is our future and is only limited by our vision and imagination. To that end, we foresee a continued commitment to excellence and the relentless pursuit of 'cutting-edge' technologies leading to even more advanced, new and exciting products. Our success has evolved from and continues to focus on "improving" the QUALITY of the environment, the HEALTH of your plants, and the SUCCESS and PROFITABILITY of your projects.

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